Nov 25

PS3 Repair Guide | PDF | 36.41 Mb

I’ve placed this guide on the second place simply because it wasn’t better then PS3lightsfix, but it was better then all the other guides. Just like PS3lightsfix, PS3 repair-guide has created a step by step detailed guide that’s coming along with detailed photo’s and instructions.

However, what this guide doesn’t have, is step by step videos. This guide comes as a PDf file where you can read exactly what steps to take. Overall, this guide is from high quality, and it’s definitely recommended.

This guide covers fhe following errors:
- Freezing Games And Movies.
- PS3 Yellow, Red & Green Light Errors.
- No Display
- PS3 Bluetooth controller issue
- No Power.
- No Sound / Audio.
- Other PS3 Problems And Errors.

With PS3 Repair-Guide, you’ll get a PS3 repair guide on PDF format. You’ll get step by step instructions that’s coming along with detailed photo’s so you’ll be able to fix your troubleshooting PS3.

File information:
Language: English
File Type: *.rar (WinRar)
File Size: 36.41 Mb (Added 3% for recovery)

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