Oct 25

Warning! Do Not Even THINK About Getting A Tattoo Until You Read This Page!

“Here’s The Ultimate, ‘Take-You-By-The-Hand’ Guide,

To Making Your Next Tattoo One That You’ll Love Forever

- Even If You Know Nothing About Tattoos For Women.”

….so that you can choose or create your own unique tattoo design,
….that’s perfect for you.

Julie Villani

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Dear friend,

If you’d like to finally choose a gorgeous tattoo design, that is meaningful and suits you perfectly – without worrying about making a mistake, then this might be the most important website you’ll ever read. Please let me explain…

My name is Julie Villani – a self-confessed tattoo enthusiast. What I find so scary is that many young women impulsively go and get their first tattoo, with little or no thought to design, body placement, if the design has meaning / symbology, how it will look in 10, 20 or 50 years, or worse still – they have a boyfriend’s name inked, then the relationship ends at some time. Or they just choose something in a parlor that’s kind of pretty or trendy at the time.

What do you want to see every time you look in the mirror? A gorgeous, meaningful, feminine tattoo that you can’t wait to show off to the world (or just your partner for those more intimate areas)? A stunning tattoo that reminds you of how sexy and unique you are? Artwork that enhances your overall look?

You won’t see that in the mirror if you get inked impulsively!

What’s really scary is that this almost happened to me!!! Read on…

My girlfriend and I saw a tattoo parlor across the road after we’d spent the morning shopping. Just as a joke she said we should go over and get a tattoo each. So we went in, had a bit of a look around, checked out some of the designs, looked at each other awkwardly and quickly got out of there.

Some parlors can be quite intimidating (like this one was).

I felt really uneasy ’cause I wasn’t really sure of the process. Anyway, did I really want my friend’s name marked on my body forever? “No,” is the simple answer.

About a year later we had a major falling out, so I’m very grateful that I didn’t end up with her name forever inked on me, or even that we had matching tattoos.

So I decided that I’d do some research before taking the plunge.

I searched through piles of magazines, researched books and spent hour after hour online, looking for anything that was specific to women getting tattooed. There’s hardly any info specific to women getting inked, so I decided to write this book to make it really easy for myself and other women.

It took me a long time to put together all the information in this e-book – I even set up a website to ask what women what they want to know about getting a tattoo. Then I got to work researching all the questions, so I know it will help you choose a great piece of body art that is perfect for you, that you will always love.

I’d hate for you to make an impulsive choice that you could regret very quickly – even as soon as you see it on your skin.

Oct 25

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Oct 25

International school of body arts tattoo

starring world famous tattoo artist gary gray jr.

Tattoo dvd set

now on 4 gold dual layer dvds

29 hollywood style

dvd video guides!

sold in over 100 countries worldwide! tools of the trade

get aquainted with your tools

This in depth “Tools Of The Trade” video guide from our Learn How to Tattoo DVD Video will show and describe all the proper and necessary tool’s you will need to perform diligently in a safe and effective tattoo environment. This video describes each tools purpose and demonstrating the proper way to get the most out them. Using your tools properly in the tattoo artistry profession is an absolute must. The knowledge you will gain is with out a doubt the cornerstone in building a long lasting and incredible tattoo lifestyle.

Oct 25

ATENCION:Si estás pensando hacerte un tatuaje tienes que leer esto!

“Evita Las Dolorosas Equivocaciones Y Obten Acceso Inmediato A Más De 1,000 Diseños De Los Tatuajes Más Calientes Y De Moda!

Si estas buscando ideas de tatuajes entonces has llegado al lugar correcto.

De seguro has navegado por horas buscando por diseños de tatuajes que valgan la pena y no haz encontrado nada que valga la pena.

Bueno si es asi te tengo buenas noticias!! Pon atención (más aun si vas a hacerte tu primer tatuaje) ya que te voy a enseñar como conseguir ideas de los mejore diseños del mercado…

Pero antes que te enseñe como obtener un tatujuaje “de muerte” dejame darte un pedazo de información muy importante.

Necesitas saber el nivel de experiencia de tu tatuador ANTES que te lo hagan.
Hay estadísticas que dicen que el 22% de la gente que se tatua se arrepiente de la calidad de su tatuaje. No dejes que esto te pase a ti y escoge un artista de calidad.

Preguntale a tus amigos si conocen de un tatuador de calidad y con suficiente experiencia. Pide que te muestren su portafolio y busca los tatuajes que sean claros y nítidos. Si ves resultados mediocres, sal corriendo de ahi.

Tienes tan solo una oportunidad que tu tatuaje te quede bien asi que investiga un poco antes de hacértelo.

Pero hay un poco más en el secreto de un tatuaje perfecto…

Como Evitar un Error Permanente

Aparte de escoger un buen tatuador necesitas escoger el tatuaje correcto. Imaginate la verguenza de llegar a que te tatuen, pasar por toda la experiencia y luego decidir que no es el tatuaje que querías.

Como escoger el tatuaje correcto?

Bueno ya que ese es el siguiente paso más importante debes buscar un diseño que…

Se adecue a tu personalidad y refleje quien eres

No te haga ver como un idiota

Que este bien balanceado en tu cuerpo
Cómo te decides por el diseño perfecto?

El secreto es poder ver una gran cantidad de ideas de tuatuajes antes que te decidas por lo que quieres. La verdad que si tu idea de un “Buen Tatuaje” es ir donde el tatuador y escoger el primero que veas en la pared… posiblemente no estes a gusto con el dentro de un par de semanas o meses cuando veas uno que realmente te gusta.

Idealmente escogerías uno ANTES siquiera de ir al estudio de tatuajes, por eso …

Oct 25

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