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How would you like to know how to create the perfect tattoo for your body that will turn heads, support your spiritual awakening, and fulfill your deepest drive for self-expression? How important is it to you to empower yourself, grow spiritually, and consecrate your body as a temple? Do you want to ensure you get value for your money and avoid painful and expensive laser removal processes? If you can use benefits like these and others, this might be the most important information you will ever read. Let me share more….Click Here!

Spiritual Skin is a ground-breaking book that bridges the physical and the spiritual through a unique and enlightening exploration of tattoos. It will show you how to create the life you choose as you embark on your most powerfully transformative tattoos ever. Spiritual Skin guides you to discover your authentic self through the world of tattoos by uncovering their rich evolutionary history and deeper symbolism, and by revealing a perspective on fears and accepted beliefs that challenges you to look further than skin deep.

Too good to be true? Don’t worry: it’s all there and more. I’ve gone through my own personal journey with sacred tattoos over the last 13 years, including over 100 hours of tattoo work and life changing experiences, and many further hours of research into ancient healing arts and practices. As a Reiki Master Teacher, visionary artist, tattoo designer, and intuitive healer, I have devoted my life to supporting integrative, healing experiences. This journey has led me to uncover how the potent symbolism in sacred art like tattooing can access and support emotional and spiritual healing. The more I experienced the effects of this life-changing information, the more I saw the valuable gifts it held. And now you can benefit from all of my research and life experiences. Spiritual Skin brings years of discovery and experience to your finger tips.

“A recent study found that more than one-third of Americans age 18 to 29, and one-quarter of those between 18 and 50, have at least one tattoo!”.

“A survey of tattoo artists found that one-third of those getting tattoos chose designs that reflected their spiritual or religious beliefs.”

“When you empower yourself and get a tattoo, people will know you are running your own life, instead of listening to them!”

You will receive practical guidelines to help you with every aspect of your tattoo decision, including symbolism, timing, safety, ink, and artist choices. You will discover how spiritual tattoos are fast becoming one of the most sought-after choices, and how tattooing is growing in significance and influence. What you learn can be applied to all areas of your life in profoundly empowering ways, which is why the process and decisions are so important and why this book is a must-read.

You will learn to integrate physical and spiritual for personal awakening.
You will discover techniques to evaluate tattoo designs for compatibility with, and support for, your body and spiritual energy.

You will deepen your connection to this sacred art, to yourself, and to a sacred way of connective life experience.

You will gain provocative insight, rich history, and practical guidelines on tattoos and every aspect of your tattoo process.
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Oct 25

If you have been searching the net for that perfect tattoo for any period of time you know how tough it can be. You spend hours upon hours browsing the net only to find yourself ending up on one lousy website after another.

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Oct 25

How To Tune Tattoo Machines
Discover How To Best Set Up & Tune
Your Tattoo Machines

At Last How To Discover From One Manual How To Best Set Up & Tune
Your Tattoo Machines…

Covers everything you need to get started the CORRECT WAY
to tattoo machine building and tuning!

From: Tim B. Miller

Re: How To Tune a Tattoo Machine

Dear Tattoo Artist,

Tattooing is coming more and more popular and of course more in demand. So there is a growing trend for tattoo artists.

But it takes know how and practice to be a top notch artist. In this letter you will discover one of those critical elements to make you a confident tattoo artist.

That is knowing how to tune a tattoo machine!

= Are you having troubles setting up your machine?
= Do you know the steps it takes to make your gun run smoothly?
= Do you know the different ways for setting up your tattoo machines?
= Wish you knew more about tattoo gun set up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above then you have found the right site to help you gain the confidents to be a better tattoo artist!

I know what your going through, I’ve been there and had no clue on how to set up my tattoo gun. I was so damn frustrated, it “Drove Me Crazy” But then my luck started to change I found a guy that knew his sh*t. He took me under his wings and showed me all that I needed to know on how to tune tattoo machines.

It was a real eye opener to say the least. Once I got this knowledge down and practice it a bit I was in the groove. My confidence went through the roof and I felt fantastic. You really do need this expertise to be a good tattoo artist and that is why I want to give back to help you. I know how you feel because I was in your situation once but this information has changed all that for me…

And here is what you can expect from this short no fluff, hard hitting, straight forward information guide…

Save time from trial and error

1 Diagram showing all the parts of tattoo machine

Parts and Descriptions for all the parts

3 of the BEST set ups for Liner and Shade/Color

Introducing Knowing and Tuning Tattoo Machines…

Oct 25

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Oct 25

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Dear Friend,

Does this describe you?

You’ve decided to declare your independence and make a statement to the world of who you really are!

You’ve decided to get your first tattoo.

You may be getting the tattoo as a status symbol, a representation of your religious or spiritual devotion, a sexual lure, a pledge of love, a snub to the establishment, a cultural identification, or just for fun.

It doesn’t matter. It’s “body art” that you know you will love until the end of your days.

It has become painfully clear. Your tattoo is no longer what it used to be. It is no longer a mark of beauty, a symbol of undying love, a personal (and permanent) keepsake.

And now, you regret your decision.

Removing Your Tattoo…….

For many years, people who added tattoos to their body had little recourse for getting rid of these works of art. Removal techniques were invasive (requiring surgery) and painful. But there have been a lot of changes in the field of tattoo removal.

And in this Book, “Tattoo Removal Methods and Procedures”, I explain in detail a number of methods and procedures for removing those tattoos that no longer hold the appeal and charm they once did.

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