Oct 26

Who Else Want to Choose from 100 Different Japanese Kanji Symbols for Your Tattoo Design?
If You Answered “I Do!” then Please keep reading and try my Japanese Kanji Dictionary – Volume 2 Further Down the Page…

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Do you want to avoid using WRONG Japanese Symbols?

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Takanori Tomita. I am a Japanese Translator, but specializing in translating and designing Japanese symbols.

As I have been working as a Japanese Symbol Translator, I have realized that some people want to see a variety of kanji symbol design that are 100% Accurate and decided which one to use for their Tattoo design.

But, the true fact is that many Westerners use WRONG Japanese symbols which they don’t understand.
Even in Japan, I see some Westerns who have inappropriate Japanese Kanji Symbols on their body, arm or legs as a tattoo design.
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Oct 26

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You’ve decided to get your first tattoo. Or maybe you’re considering another tattoo. Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place. E Tattoo is your one-stop resource for tattoo design selection, up-to-date tattoo information, and superior customer service. The staff at e Tattoo understands that your tattoo is an expression of your individuality. We will help you in your quest for the perfect tattoo and will be here to answer all your questions and give you valuable advice, before and after you get your tattoo. Your member ship with e Tattoo offers benefits that will make your tattoo experience a fun and rewarding one.
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Oct 26

“Who Else Wants a Beautiful Ankh Tattoo
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Well, you have made a wise choice with the Ankh symbol.

The Ankh Symbol is steeped is history, wisdom and power. Worshiped by the Kings and Queens of Egypt, you’ll never find a tattoo design filled of more mystic and beauty.

It’s meaning? Eternal life

Like a picture, a tattoo is worth a thousand words. The tattoo you decide on should speak your soul. It is something that you will wear forever. It should also be something that you will wear with pride. Not something that you eventually want hide or have removed.

Unlike, skulls and crossbones or the Ankh symbol shows intellect, taste and spirituality. The Ankh symbol has survived hundreds of years.

Are you ready to find your Ankh tattoo design?

Well here it is….20 beautiful Ankh tattoo designs that you can call your own and download today.
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Oct 26

I am sure you will agree that trying to decide which tattoo to get is extremely difficult!

The sad truth is that most tattoos are selected in a hurry while flipping through binders in a local shop.

That is NOT the way that such an important, permanent and life-long decision should be made. It often results in people regretting they ever got inked!

The secret to finding the perfect design is to browse through a lot of ideas before you settle on one.

That is where the problem comes in…

On my most recent tat, I spent countless hours searching for tattoos on website after website…most of the time frustrated because I found nothing of interest.
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In a perfect world, all decisions would be made based on careful consideration in peace and quiet with an endless supply of tattoo designs to choose from…

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To give you a better idea of everything you will have access to, here is a list of all that is available…

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Use the designs only as inspiration for your own unique tat and you can be sure no one else has the exact same design as you!
Combine two designs into one! – Another way to create a totally unique tattoo!
Ask your friends what they think before making the decision! Something that can be difficult to do if you’re looking for designs in a studio (unless your friends come with you).
Save yourself the hassle of having to visit a parlor and being sold by some aggressive, over-bearing artist who’s trying to make money with you.
Get inspiration from looking at photos of other people’s tattoos.
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Oct 26

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