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Gеt thе Facts On Green DIY Energy – Read Oυr Full Review Below tο Determine іf іt іѕ Worth Yουr Money

Wе аrе here tο separate thе scams frοm thе quality products fοr sale online. Read ουr full Green DIY Energy review below.
*Note: Thіѕ іѕ аn self-determining review οf Green DIY Energy.

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Manufactured goods: Green DIY Energy Guide
Theme: Hοw tο build solar panels fοr thе home, whіlе spending less thаn $200
Cost: $49 during current promotion, normally $197

Going greener, especially with energy production, is a growing concern for many people. Unfortunately, the parallel growth in the demand for renewable sources of energy is stunting many people’s desires to power efficiently power their homes with more earth-friendly sources. With the Green DIY Energy instructional program, you can now build your own solar panels to power your entire home, without having to pay for anything beyond $200.

GreenDIYEnergy Review – 45% Discount Coupon

Can you really build a solar panel for under $150?

My name is Eric Moore and over the past couple of months I’ve gone from knowing almost nothing about solar panels to building my own home solar power system. This GreenDIYEnergy Review will tell you how I did it.

I have also gotten you a special 45% discount code for GreenDIYEnergy.

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Important: when you get to the GreenDIYEnergy site, it will show the regular price, but don’t worry. When you click the big “Add To Cart” button, it will use my exclusive discount code and you will get the 45% discount.

My Story

About a year ago I decided to try to find a greener and cheaper way to get to the train I use to commute to work. I bought an electric bike motor and started riding my electric powered bike to the train station. It saved a lot of money over driving, but I wanted to go all the way and recharge the bike batteries using solar power. I looked around, but all of the solar panels I found were really expensive so I decided to wait on going solar and just enjoy my cheaper, less polluting and much more fun way of commuting.

Several months ago I decided to take another look at solar and, while I found solar panel prices are still pretty high, I began reading about how to build your own solar panel. After searching extensively on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

My solar cells as they arrived
I bought and reviewed all the guides

There is some free information out there, but it tends to be incomplete, not specific enough, or not very easy to follow. I bought one of the online DIY solar panel guides and while it was OK, I found it a bit lacking in detail. So I bought another one and found this one to be very complete and with step-by-step videos, very easy to follow. I decided to share my experience building my homemade solar panel to help other people so I bought all the guides I could find and reviewed them all.

The guide I chose

After buying and reviewing all of the guides, I decided to use GreenDIYEnergy. Why? There are really two reasons. First, it is by far the most comprehensive. There are 17 different components ranging from ebooks to spreadsheet to videos that cover all the important details. The videos are the second reason. They are DVD quality and take you through the whole build step-by-step from start to finish.

Cutting wood for my solar panel
How I did it

I ordered the solar cells online and bought the rest of the materials at my local hardware store. I used the measurements and layout suggested in the guide and followed along with the videos through the build process. It was actually easier than I thought it would be once I got the hang of it. It only took one weekend to build the panel and that includes buying parts, cutting and painting the wood, soldering the cells, construction and wiring.

Soldering my cells together
How much did it cost?

The total cost for my solar panel was $129. I actually spent more than I had to on the solar cells and bought ones that came pre-tabbed to make the build easier. I also had to buy all the wood so if you have some scrap plywood laying around and tab the cells yourself you could definitely build your panel for less than $100. I looked at some solar panels for sale online and I saved between 50 and 75% by building my own.

After building my panel, what do I recommend?

Laying down a string of cells on the substrate (with the help of my daughter)
If you’ve been thinking about building a solar panel , I would definitely recommend you give it a try. The tools you need are pretty basic: saw, screwdriver, soldering iron (you can pick one up at Radio Shack for about $20 if you don’t have one). The whole project was pretty easy with the help of the Green DIY Energy guide.

I think the soldering is probably the part that most people would be worried about. The soldering is covered in a lot of detail in the videos and it is all easy soldering of big wires. After the first cell or two I got the hang of it and the rest went pretty quick after that.

Based on my experience building my solar panel, I highly recommend GreenDIYEnergy. It is by far the best DIY solar panel guide available. The step-by-step videos make it easy for anyone to build a solar panel with basic tools in about a weeked for under $150. If I did it, you can do it too.

Click here to go to the GreenDIYEnergy website.

What is included in GreenDIYEnergy?

Video – Soldering solar cells together

Video – Laying out the solar cells

The videos are the best part of the package. They were shot in Boulder, Colorado and they cover the entire DIY solar panel build step-by-step from start to finish. The videos are large, DVD quality, downloadable videos, not the smaller videos you have to watch online that you’ll find in other packages.

To put it simply, the videos look awesome. They are nice and big so you get to see all the important parts with lots of detail and he goes through everything step-by-step.

He covers the parts and tools you’ll need, building the container, soldering the solar cells together, assembling everything, wiring and finishing. At the end, he connects the panel up to a voltmeter and you get to see it produce electricity!


The ebooks cover the different parts of a home solar system, building a solar panel, solar electrical, installation, solar tax credits, solar consumers guide, building a home wind generator, wind map resources and websites and more. There are over 200 pages of information and pictures and diagrams are used throughout.

GreenDIYEnergy Ebook
There’s just a ton of information here. Pay particular attention to the diagrams showing the layout of the solar cells in the panel and the section on where to get the parts you’ll need.

The directions in the ebook go hand-in-hand with the videos so I would recommend watching the videos all the way through and then using the ebooks as reference while you’re building the solar panel. The ebooks go through the different types of solar cells, which ones to use and where to buy them cheaply.

Video – Testing the panel. 18 volts!

GreenDIYEnergy is the highest quality, most complete DIY solar guide avaialbe. The package includes DVD quality videos, over 200 pages of pdf ebooks, and Excel spreadsheets – 17 components in all. Using the ebooks and videos, I was able to successfully build my own solar panel. By following along with the videos like I did, you can build a solar panel too. If you’ve been thinking about building your own solar panel, I highly recommend Green DIY Energy.

And now, with my exclusive 45% discount code, it’s even cheaper and easier to build your solar panel.

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Important: when you get to the GreenDIYEnergy site, it will show the regular price, but don’t worry. When you click the big “Add To Cart” button, it will use my exclusive discount code and you will get the 45% discount.

Person Behind the Product

The Green DIY Energy manuals and video are a product of

What You Get

There are three parts of Green DIY Energy. The first part is a manual detailing how solar energy is produced and how solar panels work. It also teaches you how to find free solar panels to cut down your costs even more and how to maintain your solar panels once you have built and installed them. The second part is the detailed instructional manual on how to make solar panels. It includes step-by-step photos to make the manual even easier to understand. The third part is a bundle of other resources that teach you about mounting and installing and the electrical wiring plans for your solar panels.

As a bonus, you will also receive an hour-long video to show you exactly how to make and mount solar panels for your house. Another value-added bonus is a detailed instructional manual on how to make a windmill.

Product Guarantee

The makers of Green DIY Energy ask you to try out their product for 60 days. If you are not able to create your own solar panels, install them, and cut down your electricity bill by more than half of what it used to be, then they ask you to send them an e-mail asking for a refund. Green DIY Energy is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee so you are assured that you receive only what the sellers are promising.

What I Like

Clear and easy-to-understand. That is what Green DIY Energy is. It is all about teaching other people, whatever their backgrounds may be, a concrete and tangible way to make energy production a little more eco-friendly, without having to sacrifice our own modern conveniences. Even a 12-year-old boy who wants something different to show off for show-and-tell and a 58-year-old female artist who had no experience in electricity whatsoever can make their own solar panels with Green DIY Energy. If they can, so why can’t you?

What I Don’t Like

I actually like everything about the product, except for the fact that it does not come with an instructional video for how to make a windmill. It could have been much easier to do that. But considering that the manual for building a windmill is already part of the bonus, it actually is a bargain. And besides, after purchasing, you get free online technical support if you have questions about building the windmill.

Do I Recommend It?

I highly recommend purchasing Green DIY Energy because it is the best online instructional manual on how to build your own solar panels. Anything that aims to make this Earth a better, greener planet is something that I will always recommend. After all, there is nothing to lose with Green DIY Energy’s iron-clad money-back guarantee. You can always get your money back if you are not happy

Prefer tο watch a video rаthеr thаn read? Thеn check out mу nеw video review οf Green DIY Energy below.

Thе Green DIY Energy guide іѕ THE mοѕt well lονеd DIY solar panel guide, ѕο I wаѕ extremely interested tο see іf іt really delivered οn іtѕ promise οf cheap solar panel construction. On Feb. 27th, 2010 I bουght thе Green DIY Energy guide аnd downloaded аll thе videos аnd guides thаt came wіth іt. Here іѕ whаt I found:

- Green DIY Energy іѕ really quite a powerful manufactured goods. Inside I found step-bу-step directions fοr hοw tο build уουr οwn solar panels. Aѕ a point-oriented person, I appreciated thе thoroughness wіth whісh thе guide wаѕ written. I wаѕ pleasantly surprised tο find thе manual very simple tο follow аnd extremely detailed, ѕο I always knew јυѕt ѕο whаt tο dο each step οf thе way.

- Whаt I really liked аbουt Green DIY Energy wаѕ іtѕ collection οf video tutorials. Thеѕе videos ROCKED! Thеу аrе recordings οf thе host building hіѕ οwn solar panel. It’s lіkе уου’re standing rіght beside hіm. Hе lays out јυѕt ѕο whаt tools аnd materials уου need, аnd сlаrіfіеѕ јυѕt ѕο whаt hе’s doing thе whole time ѕο уου саn follow along аt home. I gotta give ѕοmе serious props tο Green DIY Energy fοr thе videos, very well done аnd EXTREMELY HELPFUL!

8/4/10 UPDATE – I јυѕt gοt mу hands οn a nеw video frοm Green DIY Energy. It іѕ a fleeting video thаt shows whаt thеіr tutorial videos аrе lіkе. It’s quite well done, аnd shows уου whаt thе quality οf thе videos аrе lіkе. Hope іt helps!


If уου’re lіkе mе, уου want tο see inside a manufactured goods before уου bυу іt. Sο I took a couple screen shots inside thе Green DIY Energy guide. Thе video screenshots аrе frοm thе video tutorial series I really liked, thеу wеrе extremely helpful. Thе fourth picture іѕ frοm thе Green DIY Energy ebook manual thаt lays out thе step-bу-step directions. Click οn thе pictures fοr lаrgеr views.

- I hope thе screen shots give уου аn thουght οf whаt thе guide іѕ lіkе, bυt іf уου wουld lіkе a still closer look inside thе guide thеn уου need tο….


-Green DIY Energy іѕ now running a HUGE promotion, thеу’ve slashed thе price іn half! Sο іf уου’re thinking аbουt buying іt, now іѕ thе time! I don’t know hοw much longer thе promo wіll last!

Here іѕ EXACTLY whаt comes wіth уουr bυу οf Green DIY Energy:

Step-bу-step, fully illustrated construction manuals οn solar аnd wind power
Video tutorials casing 7 aspects οf solar panel construction
Comprehensive раrtѕ аnd tools lists
24/7 dedicated customer аnd technical hеlр
Thrifty DIYer guide – learn hοw tο build thе solar panels fοr half price
IRS renewable energy tax rebate forms
60 day full money-back guarantee
***Update 7/30/2010***

I јυѕt checked thе Green DIY Energy site аnd thеу hаνе added аn additional 6 TUTORIAL VIDEOS tο thеіr manufactured goods, аnd thеу haven’t raised thе price! I lіkе thеѕе guys!

If уου’re AT ALL interested іn building уουr οwn solar panel, іt wουld bе stupid tο nοt check out Green DIY Energy (unless οf course уου’re аn expert іn solar panel construction!)


Eхсеllеnt luck іn уουr DIY solar panel ventures, аnd again, don’t hesitate tο contact mе wіth аnу qυеѕtіοnѕ аbουt thіѕ manufactured goods. I’m always up fοr qυеѕtіοnѕ аbουt аnу οf thе products I review.Click Here!

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Green “Do It Yourself” Solar Energy


“The Secrets of Building Your Own Solar Energy… for less than $200.”


…You can build your own Solar Panels, saving $1,000′s off of retail price.

…Almost anyone can do this, even if you have no solar experience.

…There is a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to build your own solar panel system.

Why pay thousands of dollars for solar energy ($27,000 average cost) when you can build your own solar panel system for just a fraction of the retail cost? You can build a single solar panel, or you can build an entire array of panels.

When you “Do It Yourself”, you can cut your costs to a fraction of what “retail” would normally cost. It’s a fun project, and with this step-by-step guide, you can quickly and easily start producing your own electricity.Click Here!

“I Thought Solar
Power was Expensive
(and Complicated).”

A few years ago, I started looking into solar energy. Just like you, I started with an online search exploring on how I could save money with solar electricity.

I was shocked to see how much it cost to have solar panels installed at my house! The estimate I received was over $35,000 and the payback time for that was just way too long. I certainly didn’t have that kind of money, not even close.

I was resigned to the idea of paying the electric company each and every month until I met a friend who had a solution. My friend explained that he was building his own solar panels for just a fraction of the cost of new retail solar panels. And he wasn’t alone.

We Just Added 6 New Videos,
Here is a Sneak Peek…

I had no idea…
I had no idea that thousands of people were making their own solar panels. My friend had collected various drawings and “do-it-yourself ideas” but nothing was very organized and there wasn’t anything I could find online that gave me details on how to do it. There were people talking about it, but it wasn’t until my friend and I developed GreenDIYenergy that there was a step-by-step guide on the topic.

“Now There is an Easy-to-Follow Guide That Walks you Through Every Step-by-Step Process of Building Solar Energy.”

How much money can you save?
For too many years your only option was to buy retail solar panels at $1,125. With installation, that could Total Over $27,000 for your entire house!*

*2007 Installed Costs from ($7.50/watt)

Now, with the help of this detailed “DIY Solar Panel” guide you can join the revolution of Do-It-Yourselfers who have figured out how to cheaply create their own solar power.
This DIY Guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing 60- to 120- watt Solar Panels for under $200. You can easily do it for less than $100 if you do a little extra work in collecting materials.

In fact, You Could Actually Build One For Less Than $27 if you took the time to rebuild and connect “broken solar cells” together (which isn’t that hard to do).

Before you start…
Before you try to build your own solar power, you need to have the right tools. You need to have the step-by-step process that I explain in this guide. I made it a personal mission to create the best solar panel guide available. I searched the Internet for months looking for the best ideas and designs for building solar panels.

I have put all of these ideas into one simple and easy-to-follow solar panel guide. With the fully illustrated process even the Non-Do-It-Yourselfer can quickly learn how to create solar energy at home.

What if I’m not the
“Handyman Type”?

No problem, everything is broken down into Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions. I’ve been told by numerous people that the guide was able to take even the most difficult solar panel construction methods and distill them down to simple and easy steps that even complete beginners can easily follow.

And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “technically inclined,” this guide will show you how to do it step by step. And we won’t leave you alone! There is a list of resources and support to help you with your project all the way until it is completed.

“Is this a joke?”
No, this is the real deal!

Once you open this detailed DIY Guide you will see exactly how to build your own solar energy for less than $200.

Step-by-step pictures, diagrams and schematics show you how everything is done. There is even a Video Library so you can see real solar panels being created.

You’ll learn where to find the cheapest (or sometimes free) materials needed for your project. Through years of trial and error we have mastered the art of buying cheap solar parts so you can save money from your very first solar panel. You might double the cost of your solar panel without these money saving resources and buying lists and more than pay for the cost of the guide we are offering.

We have several groups of high school and college students working on DIY Solar Panels right now. And hey, if they can do it, then you can do it!Click Here!

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This Page is a Earth4Energy Review – Click Below if You’re Looking For:

Earth4Energy – The Revolutionary Energy Saver!

Earth4Energy Download

Earth4Energy Official Site

How far would you go to significantly lower your energy bill and help keep our environment clean? There are thousands of products on the Internet touting ways/methods of green living, but they are often a scam. As such, I am usually quite skeptical whenever I see one of those online books or guides teaching people how to create devices in order to obtain free energy. Either they are too difficult, or they are too expensive to implement.

Recently, a very popular product popped up on the market – Earth 4 Energy. This guide took the Internet by storm, claiming significantly lower energy bills for a cheap price.

Many people are leery about going too far with saving energy by homemade methods and there are many sites and products on the web claiming the best ways to living green, but more often than not they’re a scam with no results. So when I see these products appear I’m skeptical, but with Earth4Energy I decided to pursue it further and investigate.

I was minding my business and browsing around the web to see how I could reasonably save money on my energy bills and I found Earth4Energy. I dug around further and found that this guide was being purchased by hundreds of people EVERY DAY.

Does Earth4Energy Meet Or Beat Their Claims?

A windmill from the Earth4Energy kit
Earth4Energy Claim #1: a significant reduction in your typical energy bill from 50% – 80% and amazingly as high as 100%

Before you start asking – of course this would depend on what type of house you have and what your energy requirements would be. With regards to Earth4Energy – they’re targeting the average single family homes and not mansions (of course if you have a mansion, then you just need to scale up).

Most average family homes will see a huge reduction in their home energy bills by merely using the windmill that exists in the Earth4Energy guide. Most people tend to construct multiple windmills once they see the benefits of the first windmill

Aside from the windmill there are also solar panels and they generate a significant amount of energy, which obviously lowers your energy bills. If you’re thinking of having solar panels professionally installed like I was at first, think again – they typically cost $5,000+. By using the Earth4Energy guide you can construct your own solar panels that are comparable to professional solar panels for hundreds instead of thousands (this is where I was sold on Earth4Energy). Of course the energy the solar panels generates needs to go somewhere and that somewhere is batteries that the guide explains in detail.

My humble opinion is that the windmill and the solar panels are extremely sufficient to match the claim of a 50% to 80% reduction in typical home energy costs.Click Here!

VIEW the testimonials for saved energy (opens a new window)
Earth4Energy Claim #2: they’re easy to construct and cost less than $200

One of the things I usually see with these type of products is that it’s easy and cheap – how many of those have you seen? When I first saw this I immediately assumed that this product requires huge amounts of money and loads of time – boy was I wrong! The various devices they show you how to put together were within my overall budget and they surprisingly easy to put together.

Looking at the instructions I started to realize why this product was selling like hot cakes – they were SO simple to follow. My guess would be that if you’ve ever assembled furniture from a box that you’ll have no problem assembling the windmill and solar panels they describe.

To top all of this off the cost for building the windmill they describe is less than $100 since you can find many of the parts of unused household items. So basically with a little effort and a few parts that cost less than $100 you can have an energy saving source that will lower your monthly energy costs.

A Solar Panel?

A solar panel that was built from Earth4Energy kit
The solar panel was slightly more challenging to construct than the windmill, but the effort was well spent. The Earth4Energy guide explains how to build a solar panel in great detail – just take your time.

Although it was slightly more expensive than the windmill, the solar panel system takes the sun’s energy and converts it into usable electricity that feeds your house. Did you know that if your house generates excess electricity that the power company PAYS YOU?

Click here to see more images of the DIY windmills and solar panels (opens new window)
So with the amazing instructions included with this kit and the low costs, it can easily save you loads of money every month. Due to the amazing success of this kit, the creator of the kit (Michael Harvey) put the Earth4Energy kit on sale for a very limited time – don’t miss out! The Earth4Energy kit normally costs $89.97, but during this limited time sale you can have it for a measly $49.97! Did I mention you also get full lifetime support?

LIMITED TIME: Promo Discount Coupon, Click Here for the Coupon
Time to wrap this up… Earth4Energy is an amazing guide and worth every penny of the investment. Of course it won’t save you any money if you don’t actually put forth the effort to build and implement the devices they explain.

#1: Earth4Energy Will Save You Money
Of course this will vary by person and situation since all houses are different and use a variety of different fuels and energy. The one thing that is certain is that you’ll make back your investment in this guide and the various items that are required within a few days – seriously – that fast!Click Here!

Take a brief look at the ROI for the Earth4Energy kit.The windmill they describe typically costs $100 and will be generating electricity for 3 – 5 years (probably more) and most likely saving you thousands of dollars. The solar panel they describe can typically be constructed for approximately $150 – that’s WAY cheaper than $5,000 for a professional. So by spending $250 and some time you can have 2 devices working and saving you money immediately AND will last for many years.

Let’s say you only manage to save a conservative $30 per week – that means you’ll have paid for the kit and devices costs in 2.5 months. If you went the professional route it would take you YEARS to recoup those costs.

#2: Earth4Energy Devices are Extremely Easy to Build
They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all devices are easy to build with minimal tools – these instructions work – period.

Thousands of people who have purchased Earth4Energy have already attempted and succeeded when building these devices. You have nothing to worry about – if you run into any challenges, they have people standing by to help you.

#3: Earth4Energy Company and Team are Professional
How many times have you purchased something only to have it fail in days or weeks?

The good news for you is that Earth4Energy does NOT have you build crap – they are all top notch energy saving devices. Earth4Energy shows you exactly how to build a windmill and solar panel that not only lasts for years, but saves you tons of money!

UPDATE – they now provide you with a full 60 day money back guarantee!!


Is Earth4Energy Scam or Not?

They claim a significant reduction in your energy bill, up to 50% – 80%, sometimes even 100%
Of course, this depends, because if you’re a millionaire with a mansion, one windmill obviously won’t be sufficient to power the entire home. In this case, Earth4Energy is specifically targeting the average family home.

For the average family, the windmill constructed in theEarth4Energy guide is more than enough to lower home energy costs by a huge percentage. Of course, once you see the benefit of one windmill, people often go on to create the second, and even possibly a third windmill to run their home.

Also, don’t forget the solar panels. Depending on where you live, solar panels can also generate a chunk of electricity for the home, significantly lowering energy prices. First, compare this to professionally installing solar panels. These professional installs normally cost up and over $5,000 – hardly within the budget of most families. The Earth4Energy guide, from what we have seen does in fact show you how to construct a solar panel competitive to those professionally made. These solar panels direct energy to the free battery you will be obtaining later on. This is all explained in the guide.

In our opinion, the windmill and the solar panel are more than enough to satisfy their claim of a 50% to 80% reduction in energy costs. If you construct more of these devices as you see their potential, you may be able to eliminate your bills completely.

Very Easy to Construct, within the Budget Limit ($200)
I am not rich, nor am I good with constructing different devices. So, when I observed this product, I automatically assumed that these devices are in fact within my budget range, and they were very easy to assemble. From my experiences, these two factors were met by the Earth4Energy system.

To begin, the instructions provided with the kit are easy enough to follow. I would probably say, if you have assembled an IKEA furniture before, and have some basic knowledge of using simple tools, you’ll have no problem putting together the windmill and solar panels described in the manual.

Further more, the cost for building the windmill is less than $100 due to the fact that many of the materials can be recycled from various unwanted common household items. So there you have it. For less than $100, you have built a renewable energy source that will pave the way toward lowering your energy costs, by even 100%.

Solar panel built from Earth4Energy kit

We found the solar panel a little more difficult to construct than the windmill, but it was well worth the effort, and Earth4Energyreally explains how to do this really well.

This was a little more expensive than constructing the windmill, maybe ($150). The solar panel system will take the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. It can then be hooked up to your household grid and be used to power the appliances in your home. What’s even better is that if you ever generate excess energy from the windmill or solar panel system, most utility companies allow you to sell the excess energy back to them.

The instructions provided with this kit, along with the low costs involved, has already helped cut some 30% off my home energy bills. Currently, the creator of the kit, Michael Harvey, is having a sale on the Earth4Energy kit for the next few hours or so; don’t miss out! The kit costs $49.97 (original price is $89.97) and comes the guide and also full lifetime support.

So, I’m just going to wrap this up for you. Earth4Energy is a very decent guide and is well worth the investment. However, you will need to take action and put in the effort to construct these devices. It doesn’t take very long, and it is very rewarding.

Earth4Energy Will Save you a Lot of Money
I know this varies from person to person, because everyone uses a different amount of fuel for their home. But it is certain you will gain back your investment for this guide and the devices within a few days. Energy prices will keep going up and fueling your own home can give you much security for the future.

Many politicians and scientists are seeking alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gases. Now is your chance to do your part in helping our environment. Even if cleaning the environment isn’t your objective, you can still save massive amounts of energy.

Quickly, let’s observe the ROI for the product Earth4Energy.

This windmill will cost you about $100, which is really nothing when compared to the average energy bill. This windmill will be generating you electricity for at least the next 3 – 5 years, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in your energy bill. Also, the solar panel can be constructed with around $150, which is very cheap compared to professional installs.

If you have a professionally installed device, you would have to wait years before you make back the money.

Earth4Energy is Easy to Construct
It is easy enough that I can construct it, and I rarely touch tools. We all know it’s a pain to try and follow instructions that just don’t work.

However, Earth4Energy is different in that thousands of people have already attempted and succeeded in making these energy generating devices. These people are all ordinary people with little to no experience in construction. You can be assured you will know how to build this device.

Earth4Energy is Very Professional
What good is a device if it breaks within the next few weeks?

Thankfully, Earth4Energy is NOT something that will break quickly. The Earth4Energy device teaches you how to construct a windmill and solar panel that will last for years. Other guides we’ve found teach you to create a piece of junk that hardly generates power at all. By following the instructions in Earth4Energy exactly, you are guaranteed to create an extraordinary device.

Click Here To Visit Official Earth4Energy Website
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Welcome back! Scroll down and click the Add To Cart bvtton to get my “insider solar secrets.

“Still Not Sure If Earth4Energy Is Right For You?”

Consider this: If you simply sit back and do nothing you are destined to pay more than you should for electricity. You can save thousands by making your own solar panels and save even more off your power bills.

If you’re not technically inclined and you think it’s going to be too hard then please don’t worry. Our video series is very easy to follow as I explain everything during the build process. Here are a few comments we have received over the months from people who thought they could never do it.Click Here!

“Thanks for adding the videos Mike. They are very helpful” – Sally C.
“Finally, somebody has taken homemade energy seriously!” – Wayne J.
“This is simple and best of all it really works. Your instructions are the best I’ve found” – Carlysle A.

+ hundreds of other fantastic feedback from new do it yourself’ers

We also offer a full money back guarantee. Our guarantee is “Love it or it’s free!”.

“How Much Money Can You Save?”

If you have already contacted your local solar supplier then I’m sure you already know how expensive installation can be.

You probably thought – “That’s far too much for me to afford”.

But now there is an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to make solar panels for much cheaper than retail cost. Mark and I developed this guide and DIY video series so people just like you can save thousands on your solar panel system.
This will help you build your own solar panel. You will learn how to make a solar panel that produces up to 120 watts. Moreover, you can then join these panels together to produce over 1KW of power.

Another thing to think about: After you install the solar panels on your home (off grid) the value of your home will increase by thousands.

Recent Feedback
“I managed to build 2 panels for under $100!”

I was looking to purchase a few retail solar panels for my home but after looking at the price of them it just made sense to build my own.

After going through your materials I managed to build 2 solar panels for under $100! They are just small panels but this is all I need for the lighting and fridge in my courtyard.

Kim C.
Sydney, AU.

“Is It Easy?”
You don’t need to be a builder, anybody can make solar panels. It’s not all that hard to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets. Plus, our guide and videos are broken down into an easy to follow format that will walk you through step-by-step.

After we created our solar panel guide we wanted to know if it was easy enough for the “Average joe” to follow.

We found 43 people (male and female) who were interested in solar but knew nothing about making panels, we gave them our guide and came back in a month to see what they have built.

All 43 of the “solar newbies” were able to create a well polished solar panel that generated enough electricity to run some household appliances!

Anybody can do this. Male, female and from any age group. This is a great opportunity to save money and go green at the same time.

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3 Save money by making your own solar panels rather than purchasing retail panels. Depending on the system size this alone can save you thousands!
4 Do your part for the environment! If you are looking for a way to go green then this is the perfect resource for you.
5 This is a fun DIY project that you are really going to enjoy. You can then show your friends and family what you have built. I’m sure they will be impressed!
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Nov 10

If I were to tell you, without hesitation, Brewdownloader is by far the best Homebrew instructional guide that I’ll recommend to you to play burned Wii games.

I’ll say it boldly again, that Brewdownloader will always be in my No. 1 listing for all homebrew instructional guides that I’ve came across to help you play burned Wii games.

The reason? Simple. Despite the video instructions that most Homebrew sites are pushing out over the internet, Brewdownloader stands out of the crowd by providing Complete & Detailed Step-by-Step video instructions that you could – “Watch & Do” without any figuring out on where to look for this and that command. Really, it’s a no-brainer I could bet money that even a 60 year old grandma could do it perfectly and ultimately – play burned Wii games with ease.

Plus, Brewdownloader is definitely fast in updating it’s website and also technology. Take the latest upgrade on Nintendo Wii to Version 4 as example, among all memberships that I have on these Homebrew sites, Brewdownloader is the quickest to update the changes to help new members soft-mod their Nintendo Wii v4.0.Click Here!

For your information, the Good news now is that, you don’t need to buy the Zelda Princess game for twilight hack to unlock Nintendo Wii 4.0!

One more thing about Brewdownloader – the Top-Notch customer support. I remember the first time I sent in a support ticket about a small glitch on my Nintendo Wii, these guys went out of the way to help me solved it! Boy, I couldn’t be anymore grateful than that and this feature is worth all it’s price already!

Besides the professionally made video instructions to help you play burned Wii games, Brewdownloader also includes the most basic to more advanced features to maximize the gaming potential of your Nintendo Wii. You can perform things like:

* Play DVDs and DivX Movies on your Wii

* Download and Play Homebrew Wii Games as you like

* Play Burned Wii Games

* Make and/or Download Backup Wii Games

* Play N64, SNES, Sega Genisis + many more console games!

* Download and use many applications on your Wii

* Download and play music on your Wii

For a short period of time, Brewdownloader is also launching the perfect bonus – “Wii Cheat Guide” for ‘better’ gaming experience, I’ve took a sneak peek inside the bonus and Gosh isn’t cool to have cheats for the *New Released* games?!

BreWii, you’ll possess the instruments you’ll want to not only play Homebrew video games in your wii, but you’ll also have the ability to play DVDs, check out DivX films, download Homebrew applications, download and play Wii video games, and backup and play your personal Wii video games. (Plus a entire good deal much more!) And all with out needing a modchip! That’s correct, BreWii is perfectly legal and secure for your Wii.?

Plus it’s also appropriate with program update four.2!

Will this harm my Wii?

No! Ultimately you’ll be able to?

Unlock any Wii without obtaining to open your Wii or performing any risky hardware modifications! With our Hi-Definition videos Unlocking your Wii is simpler than ever before prior to!

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What you will have the ability to do with BreWii…

Capacity to Play DVDs and DivX Movies on your Wii

Obtain and Play Video games by way of the HomeBrew Channel

Play Backup Wii Games

Make and/or Download Backup Wii Games

Play N64, SNES, Sega Genisis quite a few extra console video games!

Obtain and use various applications on your Wii

Obtain and play music in your Wii

Step-by-Step directions w/ uncomplicated to observe videos

Compatible with ANY Wii program, which includes four.two!

24 hour assistance for installation and directions.

60 day money back guarantee. We’ll refund your dollars if you are not pleased.

No Need for Twilight CD – or Modchip!!! (A few of the other homebrew products available for your Wii, require you to buy the Twilight game, or to set up a modchip into your wii – This item requires neither of individuals issues!)

Now you might be thinking, “Dude, it’s nothing I could find ALL these information online easily, even the cheats!” That was what I thought, initially, but Brewdownloader provides a 100% full 60-days Money Back Guarantee (What the heck…? Yeah! I’m not kidding!) so I got it that night itself and guess what? It totally blew my mind off…

Please, make me stop because I could go all night long talking about this – I’m totally obsessed with what Brewdownloader ‘s provided me, it’s literally opened up a whole new level to my Nintendo Wii gaming.. I highly recommend you to take a serious look in it if play burned Wii games is what you want..Click Here!