Nov 17

“I Will WHOOP Your APP!”

Don’t get your APP Kicked!


Have you ever had a good idea and thought “This would be a great Idea for an App and could make me some real Money!” … Many ideas stay ideas for the simple fact that people have no clue on how to begin and where to look to get started.

Creating an App is really not that difficult if you break it down into sections. Many websites and books say they can show you how to make an app in 1-2 days blah blah blah! What there really saying is they can take your money in 1-2 days and have you saying what? what? what?

Don’t be fooled by these gimicks to take your money and a kick in your App!

My name is Fernando Famania and I am just your average guy with no prior experience in web development, programming, or making apps! All I know is I had an Idea a couple years ago and learned everything there is about creating successful Money making apps from start to finish and through those years of trial and error I have wrote this E-Book to guide the everyday person through the step by step app creation process!

This is a MUST READ before you attempt to create an app yourself! I Guarantee you by reading my E-Book “I Will Whoop your APP!” You will save yourself $1000′s of dollars!

Don’t do it the Hard Way! Save yourself the Headaches and endless sleepless nights! Get my E-Book Now!


I have created numerous apps and have consulted many people who had that good idea and wanted to take the next step. I have made the mistakes and have spent the money to know what works and what doesn’t and have compiled the recipe in creating a successful money making app in this short E-Book. In my E- Book I have kept the process as simplified as possible so anybody with no experience at all can create there own smartphone application.

In my E-Book I will tell you all the stuff you would of never thought of when thinking about creating an App. I will walk you through the steps from analyzing your idea to finding the right developer.

Here’s a little taste of the Step by Step process included in my Exclusive E-Book.

CHAPTER 1 “Your not Ready!”…. Before we get started
CHAPTER 2 Good Idea vs Bad Idea….Efficient Brainstorming
CHAPTER 3 Creating the Map…. Putting the pieces together
CHAPTER 4 Apple vs Android… Battle of the Giants
CHAPTER 5 Outsource is your best resource…Connected from Coast to Coast
CHAPTER 6 Monetization… Putting money in the Bank
CHAPTER 7 Interior Decorator…. Designing the Masterpiece
CHAPTER 8 Saying Hi to the World… Marketing to the Masses
CHAPTER 9 Goals… The light at the end of the Tunnel!


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Nov 17

Mobile Cash Dynomite – Start Your Own Mobile App Business With Little Or No Money!

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Nov 16

AppFax | App Source Code For Sale
App Fax

Flashcards App Source Code
Complete app source code (Xcode)
Native iPhone® support
No programming experience necessary
Just add your content and publish


Here’s what you will need to publish this app in the App Store: Content for your flashcards – this app comes with no content, you must add your own content for flashcards Apple developer account – anyone who wants to sell apps on the App Store needs one. It costs $100 a year Mac computer – in order to customize the app and upload to the App Store you need to have a Mac HTML editor or have your flashcards content already in html Finally,…Click Here!

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Nov 16

Apps: Make One | Make your own iPhone app now!

Apps – Make One!

Yes… you can make an iPhone app and you don’t need to have any computer experience to make one!

Do you LOVE your iPhone / iPad and have always wondered how other people make iPhone Apps? Have YOU EVER thought about making an iPhone App; but have felt that because you have NO COMPUTER experience you couldn’t make one?

Do you think that making, and selling, an iPhone app would be a FUN way to make some extra money on the side?

Would you like to learn EXACTLY how to make an iPhone App, without needing to know anything about computers?

Our APPS-Make One video course contains 20 videos that walk you through the entire process for taking that idea for the “best iPhone app ever” that you have in your head and turning it into a tangible asset that you can sell on the App store to over 150 Million users, and growing daily, world wide 24/7. You can download the videos to your computer so that you can watch them at anytime and work at your own pace. The course has been designed with absolute beginner in mind; there are no assumptions that will leave you confused and frustrated. And the BEST thing is that the course does not stop at just making your iPhone App as the key to success lies in the marketing, and selling, of your app once it’s made. This is the area that makes APPS-Make One stand out from the competition! The revenue generating ideas found within the embedded videos is literally worth thousands of dollars, and will save you hundreds of hours in research. If you want to be the best, you should model the best and that is what I did. With that in mind you can now learn from my successes, and mistakes, to shorten your path to success.Click Here!

Watch this FREE introduction video and see for yourself why the time in NOW to get involved with Apple in making iPhone Apps and unlock the earning potential of the App store! This FREE intro video will give you some ideas to start. If you like what you hear in this video, then maybe you will want to learn more. Either way, I hope you enjoy this free video I made for you. – Mark LaVerdiere


“Mark LaVerdiere’s APPS-Make One is a complete video package which walks the beginner iPhone developer through all the required steps of turning their dream of making an iPhone App and turning that dream into reality. If you have ever thought of making an iPhone app and did not know where to start, I recommend that you start here.” – Matthew Greene, CEO, Sorta Precision Technologies iOS Apps

“AppsMakeOne is a phenomenal video training package, that will give you everything you need to make your iPhone app idea into reality. And it doesn’t stop there – with detailed marketing tips, and revenue-generating ideas that only come from someone who’s been there, you’ll have everything you need to monetize your app, and fully leverage the available tools. This could be what you need to change your app story from ‘average’ to ‘smashing hit’” – Chris Stamper, iOS Expert, programmer and iPhone app consultant

“The information contained in Mark LaVerdiere’s “APPS-Make One” is complete in every regard. Mark does a phenomenal job in presenting the various aspects of what is required to develop an iPhone app. A “MUST HAVE” for anyone thinking of becoming an iPhone developer.” – Damion Westbrook, iOS App Programmer and DesignerClick Here!

Nov 15

Online Marketing Rant Review – iPhone App Review Sites

Would you agree?

Maybe you tried and either got no or bad reviews.

Here are some questions you might have:

Why is it even important to get reviewed by iPhone app review sites?
Which sites should I approach for reviews?
How do I put my best foot forward with these sites?
Why is it even important to get reviewed by iPhone app review sites?

There are a lot of reasons to get your apps reviewed:

People use these sites!
App review sites will drive people to your app, generating downloads that will drive it up in the iTunes rankings
A great quote in a review can be a nice addition to your app description
Links from your reviews to your app website can help your SEO efforts
Bigger tech sites (like TechCrunch) can see these reviews
Apple may find you on one of these sites and promote your app
NOTE: That being said, most of the time app reviews alone will not drive your apps into top ranking. This should just be one of the things in your marketing plan.Click Here!

Which sites should I approach for reviews?

Here is a list of iPhone app review sites below that I suggest you consider. I’ve listed them from most to least monthly visitors to save you time.

Just to be clear, they may not all be right for you based on the type of app(s) you’ve got. Try also doing a search for “[your category] iPhone app review sites” in Google. You may find other sites that cater more to your app.

How do I put my best foot forward with these sites?

It’s important to realize these sites now get flooded with app review requests.

Use everything in your power to put your best foot forward. When submitting by email or through an online form be sure to:

Read the submission instructions carefully
Give them all the information they are requesting
Tell them what is unique/special about your app
Keep it brief
Explain how your app is better/different from others like it
Give them promo codes or something they can give away
Link to a fact sheet on your product if you have one
Link to a short (30 sec to 1 minute) YouTube demo of your app
Include a plate of warm cookies and/or a wad of cash
Hope this helps. Best of luck in getting some great reviews!

Need more help? – You’ll find it in my How to Market iPhone Apps eBook!

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