Nov 07

MyHomeBreWare is the latest Nintendo Wii soft chip to hit the market. It claims to unlock every version of the Wii in less than 5 minutes with a simple to follow guide.

Now Easily Unlock Your Wii 4.3-3.4 To
Wii Homebrew In Less Then 5 Minutes!

Take Your Wii Gaming Experience To The Next Level With Our New 4.3 Update!

Now you can have more fun with Wii Homebrew by creating and playing
Wii backup games, play homebrew, emulators & turn your Wii into
a DVD playing power house WITHOUT ever having to use a Modchip!

MyHomeBreWare is the creation of James Dean, a self confessed games console geek and software programmer who has built a solid reputation online with various products, such as the Xbox 360 RROD repair guide.

MyHomeBreWare Review

To make for easier reading im going to break the MyHomeBreWare review down into smaller sections-


MyHomeBreWare claims to be compatible with every Wii version from 3.4 to the latest 4.3+. I have recently updated my Wii to take advantage of the BBC iPlayer release in the UK and was worried that it may not work because of this. However I had no problems in unlocking my Wii, even though I was using the latest update from Nintendo.

Installation Guide

I’m quite tech savvy and can usually work things out for myself without any real help. However not everyone is technically minded and may struggle, I have taken this into account through the MyHomeBreWare review. The MyHomeBreWare installation guide though is actually very detailed with large images and precise descriptions of each step. The information is laid out clearly and very easy to follow! I was impressed with the quality of the included guide.

Video Tutorials

If reading instructions isn’t really your style, MyHomeBreWare also provides video tutorials. They provide 5 high definition videos that literally walk you through the unlocking process. I found these ideal, because you could go at your own pace, pausing the videos as and when you needed to. I like that MyHomeBreWare provides both written and video guides.


As an added extra to the unlocking software and tutorials, MyHomeBreWare also offer some additional products free of charge! In fact the products they give you are worth at least $30 each on there own so this is an incredible bonus package. You will get-

Wii Games Cheats Guide – The most updated Wii cheats book available
Backup Wii Games Guide & Software – The software you need to make dupliacte copys of original Wii games (my personal favourite)
Wii Patching Software – Some games have additional copy protection in place, this patching software removes that!
Wii DVD software – Use your Wii as a DVD player and rip/copy DVD’s
Wii Unlocker Elite Membership – Lifetime access to the Wii unlocker members area that contains games, emulators, applications, updates, guides and more!

MyHomeBreWare usually costs $49.95 however there is a limited time 30% discount offer making it just $29.95 – that’s cheaper than a game!

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason your not happy, MyHomeBreWare has a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy for any reason! That means you can try out the unlocker, and if you are not happy with it, request a full refund, no questions asked.

This for me seals the deal and concludes my MyHomeBreWare review as there is no risk in trying it out for a bit!

MyHomeBreWare Review Video!


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