Nov 01

What is Fast Cash Commissions?
Fast Cash Commissions is a software application developed by Anthony Morrison. Put simply, it’s all about getting traffic. If you have any online business experience then you already know that making money online is all about traffic and conversion. The more traffic you have, and the better your conversion rate is, the more money you’ll make, it’s as simple as that.

Anthony Morrison calls the underlying principle behind the traffic getting strategy which the Fast Cash Commissions software is built around the “real time web effect”. The exact mechanics of how his software capitalises on this concept are perhaps too intricate to get into here, but we’re essentially leveraging the rapid rate of change of the Internet to get traffic from “new” webpages where we don’t have to compete with others for the attention of that traffic. And that’s because the competition simply hasn’t arrived yet!

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I’ve bought so much software in the last few years I can barely store it all on my hard drive! Yet I’ve never seen this idea anywhere. I wouldn’t say this is the most powerful traffic software I’ve ever come across, there are products out there which will get you a higher volume of targeted traffic, but the usual price tag for them is around $147 per month. I pay that amount very happily month after month because it’s profitable. I think the most I would pay for the Fast Cash Commissions software is $97 per month. But I got it for a one-time payment of $47, an absolute steal! In terms of sheer value you get for the size of your investment this software is unrivalled.

So we’ve covered traffic, what about conversion? Morrison recommends that we send our traffic to CPA (cost per action) offers. The reason for this is that with CPA your traffic doesn’t have to buy anything in order for you to make money. All that’s really required to generate commissions with good CPA offers is that the traffic you send is targeted. If that’s the case you can reasonably expect a good proportion of that traffic to take the action necessary in order for you to get paid.

CPA networks can be notoriously difficult to get into, especially if you’re an inexperienced marketer. Morrison has taken care of this problem however, as he’s made a deal with PeerFly, one of the biggest CPA networks, for guaranteed acceptance of Fast Cash Commissions customers. Again, I’ve never come across anything like this anywhere before. For the first time in Internet marketing history you won’t need to worry about having to jump through hoops in order to get accepted into a solid CPA network!

Is there any reason you won’t make money using this system? I certainly can’t think of one! Just do the work involved, it doesn’t get much more simple than this people!

UPDATE: I’ve received a few emails from people wanting to know if you need any previous experience or tech-skills to be successful with this software. The answer: not really! The product creators seem to understand that even though most people who will buy Fast Cash Commissions will have some previous experience in Internet marketing they’ll also have customers who are completely new to making money online, so they’ve catered for that circumstance. If you have basic computer skills, and you’re willing to do the work, then you’ll make money with this system.

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