Feb 08

Announcing: The Amazing Computer Repair Videos that have Helped Thousands of People from Over 15 Countries Finally Fix Their PCs Once and For All… Without Ever Again Having to Go and Get Ripped Off at the Local Repair Shop!

“Save Money on Costly Repairs and
Even Start Your Own Business”

Now YOU Can Fix Your Computer All By Yourself and Never Take Your PC to the Repair Shop Again

Computer Repair
Mastery Course
“Save Money on Costly Repairs and Even Start Your Own Business”

9 Hours of Instructional, High Definition Video – Instant Online Viewing
20 video lessons covering hardware and software repairs
Software and operating system repairs shown in Windows 7 and XP
158-page Guide with written procedures, images, diagrams, and a glossary with over 350 terms
Hardware repair videos use a 2 camera set up so you can see exactly what we are doing
High quality screen captures with zooming so you can easily follow along with the software repair videos
The most exhaustive video course on PC repair available

The Same Online Video Lessons People in Over 15 Countries are Using to Take Control of Their PCs and Rid Themselves of Computer Woes and Worries

Recently, people just like you, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Barbados, Italy, Germany, Kenya, the list goes on… have been using this course to fix their computer…

Take a look at what you can do:

Fix browser hijack malware that redirects your browser when trying to go to common websites like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Symantec, and so on.
Discover what each component of your PC does, how to remove it, how to install a new one, and start building computers yourself.
Make your computer start up faster, load programs quicker, and seemlessly operate without having to wait for it to catch up or freezing.
Lower the temperature in your computer and increase the lifespan of your computer, without spending a lot of money or time.

Over 9 Hours of Video Training &
158 Pages of Illustrated Guide…

You Will Learn:

How to safely work on your computer so you don’t harm yourself or your PC
Backup your data often in case your hard drive crashes so you can restore it later
Identify every component in your computer and be able to replace it
Put together a computer from the ground up
Keep your computer running cool so it lasts longer
Discover if the symptoms your seeing are caused by software or hardware issues
Remove viruses
Fix browser hijacks
Identify all the different types of malware (there’s more than you think)
Recover files that have been overwritten or partially deleted
How to check for corrupted files
Restore your PC back to its original state (before you had problems)
Prevent resource-intensive programs from running at startup
Fix bad sectors on your hard drive
How to make backups of your restore partitions
Identify and remove software that spies on you
Get rid of software that slows your computer down and prevents you from using it correctly
Which software to update frequently to prevent malware attacks
How to fix “hardware problems” with software
Where to go for drivers and firmware
The necessary software to put on a user’s PC after fixing it
How to install Windows recommended security patches
Why Service Packs are necessary
How to password protect your computer
Customize your Windows experience
You Will Get:

9 Hours of Instruction, Hands-on Video
158 Page Guide
Diagnostic CD
Unlimited PC Repair Forum Support


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