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WpSubscribers – Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin

All The Internet Marketing Gurus Say …”BUILD A LIST!”

Now Do It Soooo Quickly And Easily, Your Visitors Sign Up Before They Know It!

Forget “One Trick” Popup Software,
And Give Your Visitors EVERY Chance To Connect With You …
Jenni R, WordPress Coding Maven
Honshu, Japan

Hi Friends and Marketers from Around the World!

Have you seen these numbers?

They are VERY revealing…

Here’s the breakdown of 10,000 signups…and how they signed up…

Popup: 37.8% (Big pop, nice design, big ebook cover)
Sidebar: 20% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
Footer: 19.7% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
Signup Page: 3.2% (a single, UNLINKED TO squeeze page, similar to popup)
Get The Rest Of This: 10.4% (A Special post, with a sign up form in the post…more about this in a bit)
source: Steve Warwick from, used with permissionClick Here!

There’s one very definite concusion to draw from these numbers:

“Put Your Optin Offer In Multiple Places”
This sounds like a lot of work!

It’s like … you need one plugin for a popup, another plugin for a footer, and another plugin for exit redirection popups…just to make this all work!

What a lot of bother and hassle … you have to …

Buy each plugin
Install it
Figure out how to use it (let’s see, for this plugin, you click on settings in the admin sidebar, for this one, it installs its own option menu in the admin sidebar, yikes!)
Keep it up-to-date
Make sure it doesn’t interfere with OTHER plugins you might have
Make sure it works when you update WordPress.

What If You Could… Quickly And Easily…

Add An Optin Form with a “lightbox” (a popup with the background darkened, so that all your visitor sees is your Optin Offer, so they either have to subscribe or dismiss your form in order to see the page underneath…)
Have a Footer Bar or Header Bar Opt-In Form — especially if you want to attract the visitor’s attention, but not hit them with an “in your face” popup requiring them to take action
Display hidden content: Rarely seen outside of expensive WordPress membership software, but you can have it — get your visitors salivating to see more, and show it to them after they’ve opted in.
Subscribe on commenting: Get the ideal subscribers — those folks already commenting on your blog … this makes it super simple for them to do — all they have to do is click a checkbox…
Subscribe on registration: Not something most blogs offer, but if you offer user registration, why not make it so it adds them to your email list (the one of your choosing, of course!)
Put a “Subscribe” Box In All Your Posts: Hey, a sweet, quiet, simple request for them to signup to your email list to get more … you just gave them great content, show them how to keep getting more…
Put a “Subscribe” Box In Particular Posts…(shhhh…remember the “Get The Rest Of This” from the Optin statistics above? He split a great post into two, kept the first half in the post and the second half in a pdf. The visitor had to opt-in to the subscribe form in the post to get the second half.)
Create a “Cascade” of Exit Popups…under precise “fighter pilot” control…each popup with its own content, each sending the user to a unique URL…and you can add the “cascade” to all your pages or any of your pages…you choose…!
Put Your “Subscribe” Form anywhere you want on your WordPress blog…
Mix’n’Match all of the above to your heart’s content…
And Of Course…

Does everything that you would expect…

Unlimited Optins: Have As Many Optin forms as you need or want, of whatever type you’d like (This means NOT just as many forms as you’d like, but as many different email lists as you’d like!)
Works With ANY Email Service Provider: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Turbo AutoResponder, Google Feedburner…or even software you’ve rolled on your own …
Compatible With All Modern Browsers: whether you, or your visitor, use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or the latest version of Firefox — or Opera or Safari…
And Not Just That…

Also get…

Facebook Connectivity — .tempt your visitor with an offer and add a facebook connect button. The visitor clicks this button to connect with you, and they are automagically added to your email list. How cool is that?
Analytics! — And, no, not a bunch of statistics that you need to have a Ph.D. to figure out. Something simple yet useful — see how well each of your subscribe forms is doing so you can quickly take action on any poor performers — and leverage your best performers…
“Smorgasbord” flexibility — you can add popups and forms just about anywhere — your imagination is the limit.
Want a particular popup on just the posts in one category? DONE!
Want it add a webpage to your popup? DONE!
Want to add a countdown timer and have the popup disappear when it reaches zero? DONE!
And … there’s even more ….?

So…what are we talking about?


The “All-In-One”, Swiss Army Knife, Smorgabord Optin And Popup Plugin For Your WordPress Blogs:


What’s amazing is … we’ve barely scratched the surface …

There’s even still MORE that you can do.with WPSubscribers …

Some of these features have been freshly added….

Such as …

Add a countdown timer to your form. Want to make a special, very time-limited offer? Add a timer and the optin will disappear when it gets to zero…
Footer bars to display messages … you don’t have to use them just to get people to subscribe (though they are very powerful for that, as the above stats show!)
Easy Update — just click a button
NEW! Add a referral system, so your subscribers get points for referring otherrs…
NEW! Exit Popups now can include any kind of html content, like images, video, and more…
NEW! Header bar — now put messages (that can be easily seen and easily hidden by the user) into a strip at the top of your blog!

WPSubscribers allows you complete and total flexibiilty and customization!

Change the look (oops…did we mention the built-in custom templates?) … how often you want an optin to show up, when you want it to show up…and so much more…

Look — I want this to be….

The LAST WordPress Popup Plugin You Will Ever Need

Okay, Jenni — Give Me The Low Down…
Okay, let’s look at this seriously…

WordPress Popup software is nothing new … but you’ve never, ever seen one that supports as many options as WPSubscriber…

In fact, it is so packed with features, ,you’d have to buy and install and keep several plugins just to do what WPSubscribers does…

And I’m not finished adding more features and options…so, not only today is WPSubscribers the best WordPress optin plugin today, and it’s going to continue to be…

And you will keep getting the updates…

Some of the features I’ve added already are like complete whole new plugins by themselves.

So, sign up today and you can keep getting these incredible additions…just for one low price today.

What is WPSubscribers worth to you, really?

What does just 1 new subscriber mean to you?

Well, those internet marketing gurus will tell you that each subscriber on your list is worth $1 for every month they are on your list. So 1 new subscriber is worth $ a year…and even more, if they stay on your list longer.

For less than what 9 new subscribers would bring you, you can have WPSubscribers running on every WordPress blog you own.

With all the ways that you can connect with with your visitors with WPSubscribers, it wouldn’t take much traffic at all for you to be getting just 9 new subscribers. And you can keep getting more and more subscribers, until your list snowballs in size (especially with the new referral system I’ve put in for you — where you can make your list go viral!).

Combine that with my top support, the lifetime updates, and the 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee and all you need to do to start benefitting from those new subscribers is to get your copy today…

Claim Your Copy of WPSubscribers Today (before I come to my senses)…

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Beginning Java 7
Publisher: Apr..ess 2011 | 920 Pages | ISBN: 1430239093 | PDF | 10 MB
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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Java
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Chapter 3: Exploring Advanced Language Features
Chapter 4: Touring Language APIs

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The Principles of Project Management (SitePoint: Project Management)

The Principles of Project Management (SitePoint: Project Management)

224 pages | SitePoint (March 20, 2008) | English | ISBN-10: 0980285860 | PDF 

The Principles of Project Management lays out clear steps that anyone can follow to get projects done right, and delivered on time. 

This full color book covers: 

Why Project Management is important The 6 fundamental truths of project management Getting started: Discovering, Initiating, Planning and Resourcing a project Getting the Job Done: Executing and controlling Keeping it Smooth: Communication, collaboration and managing change Following through: Ongoing support and maintenance, measuring operational success Resources: Review of various tools, recommended reading, professional resources for project management 

Short, and to the point, this book aims to do to provide a solid foundation for anyone who finds themselves responsible for executing projects. 

Every project you manage will be unique. Scope, budgets, team dynamics, and timeframes will differ. As a project manager, the most important factor in achieving project success will be your understanding of The Principles Of Project Management. 

This book will show you that project management isn’t rocket science: using the information contained in this book, you’ll deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again.?Show More 

With The Principles Of Project Management you’ll: 

* Learn how to start every project on the right foot. 

* Master the planning, execution, and control of your projects. 

* Discover the secrets of effective communication and change management. 

* Identify project warning signals and learn to keep your projects on track. 

* Understand the benefits of using the right tools, resources, and people. 

* Learn how to give a superstar project handover. 

And much, much more 

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Nov 22

Detail Information
Title: New Scientist – 19 November 2011
PDF | Full Colors | HQ | 17MB
Descriptions and Reviews

New Scientist is a weekly international science magazine and website covering recent developments in science and technology for a general English-speaking audience. New Scientist has maintained a website since 1996, publishing daily news. As well as covering current events and news from the scientific community, the magazine often features speculative articles, ranging from the technical to the philosophical.

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Oct 31

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