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Announcing: The Revolutionary 3D Software That Has Helped 6,100 People In 67 Countries Create Stunning 3D Animations From The Comfort Of Their Own Home…

Now YOU Can Create Professional 3D Animations, Games And Graphic Models Like Pixar and Dreamworks In 2 Hours or Less…

Dear 3D Animator,

Have you always wanted to create your own animations or 3D Games?

What if I told you that you can produce animations and models like Pixar or Walt Disney easily and quickly from the comfort of your home…. with the same software that leading European studios are using.

The good news is there’s a sea of change that is sweeping across the animation industry, transforming thousands of lives and home studios and it lies…in a powerful software that allows the ‘little guy’ to make…

BEAUTIFUL Animations With Minimum Effort…

Creating stunning 3D animations is a breeze if you’ve got a multi-million dollar budget, loads of staff and state of the art studio.

Heck, why not throw in a few years studying animation at college for good measure. Up until now, that’s exactly what you needed…

But no longer…

Because now there’s IllusionMage, an industry-leading 3D modelling & animation suite for creating cutting-edge 3D animations – just like Pixar and Dreamworks – in your hown home in 2 hours or less!

IllusionMage – The Complete 3D Creation
Software Suite & Video Training Package
“Easily The Most Powerful 3D Creation Software On The Planet!”
What you’re getting is an advanced animation software and a full featured integrated modelling, rendering, animation and real-time open source 3D creation package.

This hi-end software suite allows you to:

- Create high quality 3D graphics
- Produce your own cartoon animated film
- Draw and animate 3D models
- Design your own 3D game easily
- Create real-time interactive 3D content
- Creating and render exceptionally rich & realistic natural environments.
Let your imagination come alive with the easiest way to create stunning animations!

“ Get The SAME Software That Leading
Animation Studios Are Using! ”

Go on, see the full range of features below:

Industry-Leading 3D Modelling / Animation / Game Design Software Used By Animation Studios and Home Users Worldwide
Create Broadcast Quality 3D Content, High Quality Modelling, 3D Figure Design and Animation, Rendering, Post-production, Real-time Interactive 3D and Games Creation with Live Playback.
Complete 250+ Pages Of Illustrated Tutorials and 20 Step-by-Step Free Animation Software Video Training. Over 370 Minutes of Video Tutorials Makes It Dead-Simple For Anyone To Get Started…
Can Be Used For Professional Branded Advertisements to High End Animated Game Characters and Environments.
Powerful All-In-One Integrated 3D Creation Software and Advanced Animation System with Full Range of Tools for High End 3D-production
Free Updates For Life. All From the Thriving Open Source Community, This Software is Forever Improving
Works With Multiple File Types – Supports 3D Studio, Lightwave Formats and Many More & Compatible With Windows and Mac.

Dec 16

Dear friend,

Did you just buy an iPad?

Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to use it?

Tired of searching online and finding only pieces of info?

Are you too lazy to read the 154 pages manual?

Want to learn how to use your iPad instantly?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you’re in luck! This book will help you learn how to use an iPad in no time! All the information you will ever need is in this book!

No more, no less! This book is the best available resource currently online, and you can have it now!

Today, we don’t have time to browse online and read articles that do us little good, and don’t teach us anything. We also don’t have the time to read long manuals that provide us with too much information in a form that’s hard to remember. This book was conceived so that you can start using and enjoying your iPad instantly. All instructions are clear and easy to follow. You won’t have to spend a whole day going through the whole manual and find out that you didn’t learn much. You can simply open this book, take your iPad and start tapping it. You’ll learn all there is to know about it before you know it!

The iPad is a trusty companion, no matter if you want to read a book, listen to music, watch podcasts or keep in touch with your friends over the internet. But, as any new gadget, it has some features that aren’t as user friendly as they should, and hence the need to get documented on how to use it. However, we didn’t want to make it too complicated, nor to take too much time in teaching you the “how-to s” so we made it simple for you. It’s never been easier to learn how to use your iPad – and have fun doing it at the same time!

So, if you want to learn how to use your iPad instantly and you don’t want to waste any time, then you’ve come to the right place!

This book is your perfect source of information on everything you will ever need to know about iPads! You really don’t want to miss on this amazing opportunity!

So, what will this book teach you?

Here’s a glimpse at this book’s insides:
iPad – a quick overview
Getting connected with the world: Safari Internet Browser
Emails? Don’t worry, iPad has it all
YouTube Addict? iPad loves YouTube!
If you’re on the go, never get lost with iPad’s Maps
iPad Multimedia – photos, videos, music
Business functions: Contacts, Notes, Calendar
Apple Connectivity: iTunes, App Store, iBooks
Customizing your iPad – Your guide trough Settings menu
Accessibility options
iPad tips and tricks
..and more
You can rest assured that you’ll never find a better guide that will help you learn how to use your iPad. You won’t find on the internet a better guide to your iPad – trust us, we’ve been there doing the research for this book, and half of it it’s useless information.

You really need this invaluable guide if you want
to learn how to use your iPad RIGHT NOW!
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Dec 07

iPad Video Lesson Offer

iPad Owners… Are You Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your iPad?!

From iPad Pete…

You made a smart decision investing your hard-earned money in your iPad. Wouldn’t it be a waste if you never use it to it’s fullest potential?
Apple Forgot Your Manual?!

What was the first thing you looked for when you opened your iPad box? Were you like me… surprised and disappointed that there was no instruction manual in there? I thought it was a mistake and the Apple factory forgot to pack my slick glossy full-color instruction book.
Apple’s whole model is “ease of use”. The statement they tried to make was that you don’t even need a manual. And, maybe that’s true if you’re just going to use your iPad as an overpriced email checker. But, it’s not just a giant iPhone. You want to get more out of your iPad. You want to unlock it’s full potential.
But unfortunately, if no one actually shows you some of the iPad’s less-obvious tricks and tips, you’ll probably never discover them on your own. And, that is your iPad’s one BIG flaw.

Let A Super-Geek Show You the Way

Don’t you secretly wish you had some super-geek friend who bought his iPad the day it came out? He could come over your house and show you how to do all the coolest stuff. Well, I’m that geek friend! I’ve recorded video lessons for you that cover every single feature and benefit of your iPad.
How many times have you said to yourself, I haven’t used that feature yet. But, I’m going to learn someday soon. Well, today is that day.

In Just 11 Minutes a Day

You can watch your iPad Video Lessons at your own convenience. If you just watch 11 minutes a day during your ritual cup of coffee, you’ll quickly and easily gain an understanding of your iPad.
Plus, I’ll show you untapped features that you would never even think to google-search.
Admit to yourself that you’ve already struggled a bit figuring out some stuff on your iPad. I know I did at first too. I spent month and months reading, experimenting, searching online, and talking to other iPad owners. Sometimes, I had to throw my hands up in frustration. Now, I can save you all that time by quickly and visually showing you how to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your iPad.

Learn at Your Own Pace – Stop, rewind, replay – Didn’t catch something? Review it over and over till you get it. Watch once without your iPad, then rewind and follow along using your iPad.

Learn New Innovative and Productive Techniques – Discover new ways to be productive throughout your day with these iPad tips and tricks.

Lifetime Membership – Lifetime membership keeps you up to date with future changes and new video lessons.

Available 24/7 – Middle of the night. You need a quick answer on how to get a task done on your iPad. Jump online and watch the video on that feature. Problem solved.

Grow Your iPad Skills – Invest in yourself, let me help you start learning today.

Clear, and Comprehensive Training – I’ll clearly guide you app-by-app & tap-by-tap through every last feature of your iPad. I have a passion to teach and share my iPad knowledge and experience with you in a straightforward, candid way.

Have Some Fun – I’m here to help you better understand and maximize your iPad. But, we’ll have a few laughs along the way as well.

Over 100 Videos Watch over 100 videos online to master everything you want to do on your iPad.

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Dec 07

Sync Your Macs, iPhone and iPad with your Personal eMail Domain

Satisfied customers worldwide have enjoyed savings in time and money from our eBook
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• “This booklet is well done and easy to follow. It’s technical without being overwhelming.”
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• “This was incredible. Thanks for the help!
• “I DID waste the 15 hours first! Then, gave in and bought your pdf – set it up perfectly – THANKS!

Sync your Apple devices with your personal email domain in under an hour

Order eBook now to save 50%
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$13.00 $6.49

This ebook saves you time and money
• Fully illustrated 18 Page eBook (PDF)
• 10MB file downloaded after payment

For your personal email domain…
• Keep iPhone, iPad and Macs in sync
• Inbox, sent mail, and your email folders
• 20 email addresses hosted for FREE

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Dec 06

FBSubmitter: Makes your opt-in List – push button Easy! Get 30% more opt-ins by eliminating unecessary forms!

This WordPress Plugin makes it extremely easy for your subscribers to opt-in to your list, by allowing them to transfer their info to you via their Facebook account. And it all happens literally at the push of a button! FBSubmitter also gives them the option of posting their find on their Facebook wall, making for a higher viral potential!

Feature 1

What does FBSubmitter do? (Watch the Video to see it in action.)

FBSubmitter is a new unique way for website owners to collect email leads. It connects to Facebook behind the scenes to collect user information automatically, thereby eliminating the need for email forms!
The most popular way website owners collect email information, is usually by offering up free information in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. But with FBSubmitter, you still offer up valuable information, but instead of filling out a form, the visitor merely has to click a button that automatically collects their info from Facebook behind the scenes.

Benefit 1

Increased Optins!

As soon as I switched from a regular opt-in form, to using the FBSubmitter Optin Plugin, my optins increased by at least 30%! AND – Because the email information comes directly from Facebook, it’s more likely to be a real email address, and not just a throw-away email address many people are using in the opt-in forms these days.

Feature 2

Easy Opt-ins ANYWHERE!

With more and more people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, it’s important to make your website easy and accessible for all devices. FBSubmitter makes it very easy for your mobile device visitors to opt-in to your list without having to struggle with filling out an opt-in form. Opting in is Push-Button easy, and that’s great for the many users visiting your site through their small mobile device.

Benefit 2

Increased Traffic!

For a plugin to have Viral Traffic potential, it must be easy to use, and it must make it easy for others to share. FBSubmitter does that brilliantly! Not only is FBSubmitter easy to use, but the sharing with others happens almost effortlessly. Traffic usually follows the path of least resistance. FBSubmitter helps to eliminate resistance, and frees up a flow of traffic right straight to your email list.