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Millionaire Society Official Site!

So What’s Millionaire Society?
The Millionaire Society Club is a exclusive club by Mack Michaels, a mentor which created a huge club before called Maverick Money Makers.

Millionaire Society is a unique course as it provides not only one ‘puzzle piece’ as Mack Michaels describes it but the whole thing all in an in-depth members area.

Here What Millionaire Society Will Do For You…
You will get a step-by-step training video added on a regular basis
You will discover how to build a business from the ground up
You will be guaranteed an immediate seat inside the society
You will never have to worry about money and bills again
You will not have any working obligations
Is Millionaire Society a Scam?
The good thing about Mack Michaels and Millionaire Society is that they run their products on ClickBank, the ubiquitous payment processor that offers no questions asked refunds for up to 60 days. For this reason you can safely try out anyone of their products that piques your interest.

The most recent release from the Millionaire Society was a course on Domain Flipping, another product that received mixed reviews, primarily due to its high price tag vs. level of content delivered.

As with most topics covered in internet marketing courses, the bulk of the info can be found online in dedicated forums and how-to blogs for no charge.

Most successful marketers started out by going through the free info and then through various methods of trial and error pieced together campaigns and sites with positive ROI. That’s not to say that some people won’t find Millionaire Society a helpful resource worth the investment, it just comes down to your personal preference of paying to learn or not.

Just remember, at the end of the day Mack’s company is here to make pretty websites with convincing sales pages designed to sell a lot of memberships. So when Millionaire Society opens its doors on Nov 16th keep things in perspective before you reach for your wallet.

Here What You Need To Do Next…
All you have to do is follow the steps he gives you in his step-by-step video training. Even if you can only duplicate 10% of Mack’s results that’s over $26,000 per month! Excited yet? You should be! But, if you’re as committed and hard-working as I think you are then the sky is literally the limit. Don’t miss out on this. Right now Mack is even taking it further and you can get your hands on his proven system for under $100, which I consider to be utter madness…

I highly recommend you take a few minutes right now and find out what the Millionaire Society is all about. Go to the Millionaire Society page right now and find out what all the buzz is about. This info has never been released. It’s completely brand new and the ONLY place you can be not only shown ever puzzle piece you need to succeed, but also be taken by the hand as you put them all together.

» Click Here to Visit Millionaire Society Official Site

Potential / Mack Michaels Income
These are Mack Michael’s take home pay every week, all direct deposits into his bank account! It’s up to $15,830.62+ – I find this crazy money, he’s an expert, if he can make $15k+ himself I’m posiitve that he can help you make $150-300+ !

About the Club
The Millionaire Society Club is an exclusive club by Mack Michaels, a mentor which created a huge club before called Maverick Money Makers. I bought The Millionaire Society a couple of days ago and decided to devote a whole website/blog with an in-depth review into the product. Overall I have to say it is a great product with many benefits as I have been struggling to make money online beforehand. I was trying every software, course, ebook… you name it! I was just getting no where! Millionaire Society was the only club which brought me back into the internet marketing world and I was very successful with it, I highly recommend it. Read on to get my in-depth review and to find out how you can get a $20 discount. My quick star rating of the course

Get the Millionaire Society Risk Free for $4.95 >>
Other Products Comparison
I would like to start off this review by saying there is allot of crap on ClickBank, especially in recent days. All of these auto traffic so called ‘software’ is really just a technique which doesn’t bring you much traffic and leaves you with no money in your ClickBank account. Maverick Money Makers and the Millionaire Society seem to be the only products which I haven’t gotten a refund for. An example of a crap product on ClickBank is Auto Traffic Avalanche or Auto Mass Traffic, it created such a hype that it had this special one click software that would drive millions of visitors to my website, it was almost too good to be true, guess what? I was right, it was. The whole course was about facebook ads! That really annoyed me but I started the course with an open mind. I didn’t make a single sale and ended up spending nearly £50 on facebook advertising. How much was in my clickbank account? ZERO! I was so annoyed! I just wanted to start off the review by exclaiming my frustration about other crap out there on the net! It also left me in a bit of a bad financial debt with facebook and I couldn’t pay it off at the time, in fact it was only yesterday I clicked the make a payment button and paid it off. Millionaire Society is a unique course as it provides not only one ‘puzzle piece’ as Mack Michaels describes it but the whole thing all in an in-depth members area. Now I’m not one of those affiliates who give a crap review and not be honest just to put a couple of bucks in my ClickBank account. I have to say I was a bit lost when I first started out, there was SO MUCH there it was unreal. Included in the course is

Mentoring – a range of HD step-by-step videos
Skillsets – training videos
Blueprints – quick step-by-step guides
Rolodex – links to useful websites
Labs – new developments
VIP Section
You can view Mack Michaels tour video on the homepage of the Millionaire Society and by clicking Private Tour. So yeah, I was a bit lost – simply I didn’t know where to start!

Get the Millionaire Society Risk Free for $4.95 >>

The Club Support
Now here’s something really unique, I got a phone call! No they weren’t trying to sell me anything, what they did was… Guide me through some things and make sure that everything was okay, talk about customer service! I was then expecting this guy to sell me something, but he didn’t! He also told me there was full 24/7 email support from Mack Michaels expert team, happy days!

This was (as you could imagine) great contrast between the service I was getting before with these so called ‘auto traffic methods’, turns out there’s no such thing. The only auto-traffic method out there was when you have an email list with a million targeted people, you send out an email and they buy the product (with a 1% conversion rate) but it takes ages to build that up and you can’t buy it. I tried email marketing, I built up a huge list and was sending out quality content every week, one week I would try promote a course exactly how they showed me to and I didn’t make anything.

Overall Outcome
What I’m trying to say is… The Millionaire Society worked for me, right now I have applied 3 techniques, one which was the article technique I did twice and here’s is how much I’m earning… I also tried another simple technique, you’ll see what I mean when you login and you see the direct videos and blueprints. To be honest with you, I was so happy and I’m so happy still! I’m not going to go now and show you someone elses ClickBank account but what I will show you is Mack Michaels, go to the homepage and click income potential.

Get the Millionaire Society Risk Free for $4.95 >>
Where’s the millions?
Some people buy the course (just how people buy any product) expecting for a button that says make money and it works, well unfortunately there is none but if one comes out Mack Michaels will be the first one to tell you. One of the main reason that so many people make millions upon millions of dollar from one ClickBank account alone is due to the fact that they have

Huge email lists
Huge websites
JV Partners
Fortune 500 Advertising budget
Don’t believe these guys who claim to make thousands of dollars off their simple ‘one click technique’ – it’s all crap. Oh yeah and you’re not gonna make money within the next hour as they always claim, you can start within the next hour that’s true but not make money.

Now the price, it’s $97 monthly! I know it’s a pretty heavy price. For me, I earned it back within the first 3-4 days, but what I can do is apply a discount code to the order form which brings it down from $95 to $75 for the first month, plus there is a money back guarantee (which is also guaranteed by ClickBank), you can get the Millionaire Society Discount by clicking here.

Steps on how you can get started
Listen I’m just gonna be blunt, if you wanna make money online and are serious about it follow these steps

Get the Millionaire Society
Spend 2 hours + on watching and learning the videos (maybe take some notes)
Apply the techniques given (2 hours +)
Watch the money roll in (4-5 days)
Repeat the process
If you’re not willing to do this give up on making money online and get a job!

I hope you found this review useful and you’re comments are appreciated, please don’t spam and please give your experience with Mack Michaels products including Maverick Money Makers and others.

Now if you simply don’t have the money for the course I recommend you start out with this

Create a ClickBank account
Go to Go
Choose a good product
Do a review of the product or re-write a review
Post it on Go and include around 2 links to your affiliate link but don’t make it so obvious
Good luck & enjoy the course!

Get the Millionaire Society Risk Free for $4.95 >><

Discover the Millionaire Society…Thought of you…I know you’ve been looking for a way to increase your income and I thought of you when I can across this website. I’m learning to build an entire business on the internet from the ground up. It’s really amazing. You can see exactly how it all works right here. Make sure to watch the videos.

A Society of Millionaires…I just found a place where I’m going to be mentored by a group of online millionaires. You should see the training I’m going through, it’s intense! I know you’re always looking for new ways to make money and figured you should know about this.Just read the page and watch the videos.

$4,850,468 in pure profit in under 2 years…Today is the day! Mack Michaels, mastermind behind MaverickMoneyMakers, CellPhoneCash and a whole load of other ground breaking products has just released his newest, most exciting Millionaire Society course to date. Over the last 18 months over 30,000 people have used Mack’s incredible coaching to earn over 4.8 million bucks as members of his coaching clubs. And that’s just what’s on record…

And now, he’s turning the industry on it’s head again! Right now, I have one instruction for you to follow. Go to the Millionaire Society page and find out all the details on his newest course AND coaching club…In the Internet Marketing World there are hundreds, thousands really, of different products you can buy. Each one with it’s own purpose. One might teach you how to get scads of free traffic, one might teach you how to write copy that converts, and another one might teach you how to dominate the search engines. And they all might do a great job at their individual tasks. But, how are you going to put them all together?

How are you going to build a REAL business that generates real long-term income for you? One profitable business has HUNDREDS of moving parts and if you don’t have them all in place and working right any success you do have is going to be short-lived. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s so true. Buying one product here and one product there might give you the skills to dire traffic, write copy or build products.

But what happens when you try to put them altogether? You guessed it, you end up with a huge puzzle with misshapen pieces that won’t fit together! And that’s no way to build a real business. Mack Michaels has sold over $10,000,000 worth of products over the last 2 years by building a real business based on real business principles. And the only way he’s been able to do that is by having the right sized puzzle pieces that all fit together to create a beautiful picture. And that beautiful picture churns out cash at an alarming rate! And now you have the exact system that Mack used to generate over $4.8 Million in pure profit in only 18 months!

All you have to do is follow the steps he gives you in his step-by-step video training. Even if you can only duplicate 10% of Mack’s results that’s over $26,000 per month! Excited yet? You should be! But, if you’re as committed and hard-working as I think you are then the sky is literally the limit. Don’t miss out on this. Right now Mack is even taking it further and you can get your hands on his proven system for under $100, which I consider to be utter madness…

I highly recommend you take a few minutes right now and find out what the Millionaire Society is all about. Go to the Millionaire Society page right now and find out what all the buzz is about. This info has never been released. It’s completely brand new and the ONLY place you can be not only shown ever puzzle piece you need to succeed, but also be taken by the hand as you put them all together.

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Viral Monopoly Review

Read my Viral Monopoly Review, before you buy and get your Viral Monopoly Bonus.

What is Viral Monopoly?

Viral Monopoly is a software Justin Michie developed based upon a viral marketing technique that he has been using and perfecting for over 3 years which has created a ton of success for him.

Viral Monopoly takes the best of most automated viral marketing techniques and after that some and packages them into one, stupidity simple to use push button software that harnesses the power or word of mouth marketing.

What is Viral Marketing?
Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses. It can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet

Viral Monopoly is different. It’s all setup to market affiliate offers, build a email list and pour in affiliate commissions automatically once you get it setup and running in minutes.

The greatest part is that this is not like other programs out there where you need to buy domains and hosting and then build websites and drive traffic to them. You don’t need to build any videos or write any content, that 95% of us are not comfortable doing. None of that.

There’s nothing for the end user to install – they simply need to create an account, fill out a few fields and click go. The software does the rest.

If you are looking for my full Viral Monopoly Review then you gotta wait some more time. I will get access to the product a couple of weeks before release and I will be able to check it for you so you know exactly what to expect from the product and what it can do for you. But I expect Viral Monopoly to be a real game changer.

I plan on having a full in-depth Viral Monopoly review and I will work towards it. What this means to you is an in-depth look into what Viral Monopoly is without hype or or lies. I really would like you to purchase Viral Monopoly through my affiliate link and get my insane Viral Monopoly bonus, but I am not willing to sacrifice my good sleep for the sake of a couple bucks.

What does this mean?

I will make sure you get to know the good, the bad and the ugly and if you still happen to like Justin Michie’s viral marketing software after my Viral monopoly review, then I would be glad if you would allow me to help you with my bonus that I think will definitely help you go a long way in mastering the tough Internet marketing game.

My Viral Monopoly review will be posted here as soon as possible…

My Viral Monopoly Review
First off, I want to start with some basic info before getting to the core of my Viral Monopoly review.

Viral Monopoly Review 1 – What is Viral Monopoly in a nutshell?
Viral Monopoly is basically a piece of software designed to grow your email lists and your prospects list leveraging the principles of viral marketing.
The final price point has not been decided yet but it should cost a one-time fee of around $47 which is a real bargain if you ask me… but let me continue for now with my review.

Since you are here, I guess you already know but there is no harm in reminding you about it… just in case. Viral Monopoly will be released to the public on September, 5th at 8 AM EST.

Viral Monopoly Review 2 – What kind of results are possible?
I know (and I am sure you do too) that each time a Guru tells you that he made $69,679 in 1 day, that he is basically omitting half the truth… actually 90% of the truth. They don’t usually tell you that this was the cumulative result of years of hard work and polishing of their skills. That is why I usually take 10% of what they claim they make with a certain method as a reference.

I don’t want to insult your intelligence with BS of the type:”you will at least make as much as Justin Michie if you apply what he says” because I know this is not true. Making money online requires more than just driving traffic with a software such as Viral Monopoly.

Nevertheless, if you have the traffic you can afford to do quite a lot of mistakes and still make money. Most importantly, you will be able to learn in the school of real life examples. This is invaluable… believe me on this.

Because of all the above stated stuff, I will first state the facts backed up with proof and then give you my take on it.

As I see things, Justin Michie found a loophole, a viral traffic loophole. I wished I were the one to make this achievement first… but I am not this smart.

The numbers that I saw were really REALLY impressive. He could indeed exploit this loophole to funnel the beauty of $67,504 into his bank account. That’s hard cold old money… Actually, what’s even more impressive is that he did it in ONLY 30 DAYS starting from scratch (Please note the “starting from scratch” thing).

As I already told you, I don’t believe you will make this much and this is a negative point. I know that if you follow the instructions to the letter, you will inevitably build a list and make money, but definitely not this much if you are the average marketer. If I had to guess, I would say that you can realistically expect to make anything between $5k and $10k.

As I said above this is a negative point. If you market a product that should make the average user (if the user actually does use Viral Monopoly correctly… actually if he uses it at all) less that what you claim in your marketing material then you are over hyping it. In this regard, I consider Justin Michie guilty of following the stupid trend that has been setting the pace in Clickbank product launches lately, namely over hyping products.

To be completely honest in this Viral Monopoly review though, I have to show you what Justin Michie could achieve thanks to this “alien” technology. Again, don’t expect the exact same results if you are a complete newbie but know that this stuff is possible using the power of Viral Monopoly.

Viral Monopoly Review 3 – The software in itself
Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the authorization to publish any screenshots of Viral Monopoly in action but I don’t think this is necessary for now.

Viral Monopoly is a web-based application that operates in the clouds (no need to install it on your local computer). I consider this a very important point in favor of this program as the stability is guaranteed. It works just fine no matter what PC or Laptop you operate your business with.

Hey Chris, sorry it took me so long to get back in touch with you been busy with stuff. I just want to say to all the people thinking of buying through affiliate marketers, Chris is the real deal. This guy not only knows his stuff but goes out of his way to help you along the way when you opt in for his Personal Touch bonuses. Speak Soon Mate. (Steve H, England)“

Are you Ready to go VIRAL?
So here we are, Viral Monopoly has arrived, here you will find the best bonuses and no bull review on the product its self.

** No More Investments after the initial product.
** No Need for SEO.
** No Need for Paid Traffic.
** You Don’t Need to Build a Website.
** I Never Thought it Would be This Easy.
** This is the FUTURE.

Those are some big claims don’t ya think? I am Always very sceptical when I hear claims like these and rightly so these days as I have personally seen many gurus claiming the next big thing.

The way Viral Monopoly works was all very new to me as I am a 100% SEO geek. I have never thought of any of the tricks that are being taught here (Oh how stupid I was).

With this product is it impossible to fail. It forces your site to go VIRAL in a 100% white hat genuine way.

This software will help you -

Build a HUGE E Mail list Quickly.
Send your sites VIRAL.
Make LOADS of money.
If you are a beginner in the field of Viral Marketing this is your option.
The best bit is you can get the ball rolling instantly……. No waiting for sites to rank and traffic to arrive.

Please be sure to check out my Bonuses as I am always happy to help and I know how Viral Marketing works and I have some AWESOME tips I have been using to SUPERCHARGE my viral campaigns.

The Personal Touch

Bonus # 1 – Skype call with me about any area of Viral Marketing, SEO and internet marketing tips you require.

You want tips on maximizing Viral Monopoly?

You want to make that huge list?

You want to rank your sites?

You want to launch jack?

COST – $100 FREE $100 is what I charge for 1 hour consultations!

………………..AND YOU GET……………….

Bonus # 2 – Continued Personal Support – That’s rite after our Skype call and implementing Viral Monopoly you by now should be starting to see some VIRAL customers.

Whats that I hear you say? “You have more questions”

Then drop me a line. You have my PERSONAL E mail and I will reply to every question personally.

COST – $$$$ FREE I can not put a price tag on this. I have helped many of my customers achieve their goals of working from home.

I do not try and sway your decision with any out dated fancy crappy product with a reported high price tag.

The majority of these price tags some people put on Bonuses are FAKE and if you search the net you can get what they are offering for FREE. What I offer is REAL. Real help from a real person who has been where you are.

As to how the application works, the process is really self-explanatory and even a complete noob will get on top of it especially with the available training and support. I have a policy and that is that the best way to explain how a software solution works is to shoot a screenshot video. So just wait a couple more days for the official release that will be accompanied by a video demo. Click here to check the official site for the demo.

Viral Monopoly Review – The Pros And Cons
Viral Monopoly Pros (+)

Take viral marketing to a whole new level by making it accessible even for total newbies
Intuitive easy to use software interface
Web-based application
Stellar 24/7 customer support: response time literally in minutes not hours
60-day money back guarantee (as usual for clickbank products)
Cool name
Viral Monopoly Cons (-)

With Viral Monopoly you can generate unlimited amounts of viral traffic – the potential is huge and the money to be made is limitless.

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A healthy dose of hype which is basically a characteristic of industry launches (unfortunately)
Low price which make it accessible for everyone and since it is a web-based application, limited resources could limit the number of customers they can take on.
Overall rating
Although somewhat over hyped, I think than Viral Monopoly is really worth endorsing, hence I am offering an insane bonus you will not find anywhere else… Guaranteed!Click Here!

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Thanks for visiting my The Set and Forget System product report. This page is designed to provide:

A succinct breakdown of the product
Information on exactly where to buy
Statistical information for the product to assist you in your buying decision
A forum for debate of the product together with other customers in the comments area
Details of the one of a kind purchase bonus that we offer
Please note that for the reason that we use third-party data to create our product evaluations, they’re completely unbiased. Nevertheless, we do have an “affiliate” relationship with the product vendor. This means we will receive a commission from if you click through to their website by means of our hyperlink and end up purchasing. These “affiliate links” are marked in the report by this icon: . Please use them if you think this page has benefited you. Should you choose to, you will be entitled to a bonus from us. Otherwise, you can use the normal website link which is also provided.

Where to Buy
The Set and Forget System is sold directly from their internet site, that you can check out by clicking here: The product isn’t distributed through any other shops, although you could possibly come across some other websites which link directly to the payment processor web page. Having said that, it is best to click through to the merchant to see the most recent price. If you wish to buy without utilizing an affiliate link that can be done so via this link:

Publisher’s Description
How would you like to discover the best method on the planet for sending free traffic. The little known secret that helps turn average Joe’s into super affiliates overnight.

Too many people actually think that software can drive insane amounts of traffic, but it’s just not true
This program is for people who want to make money online and don’t want to wait around for it to happen
The ultimate secret to all internet marketing is being able to control traffic
When you understand traffic being a super affiliate isn’t all that hard
The method works best when you don’t have a starting budget

The Set And Forget System SCAM?

Are you thinking that The Set And Forget System SCAM ?, or reputation
You have to read this The Set And Forget System REVIEW

The Set And Forget System, The system works by helping you earn money online as an affiliate for major companies, some of them selling products or ebooks through clickbank.

Get The Set And Forget System From This SECRET Link

A system so powerful you just set it once, and let the profits roll in day after day with little to no attention from you!

Never ending streams of income, and you only need to lift a finger when its time to cash your check!

Earning as much as you want from WHEREVER you want! No more 9 to 5, just cold, hard cash, whenever you need it!

PLUS, it’s 100% LEGAL!

This isn’t an MLM with big promises that never pay off – the cash is real!
This isn’t time consuming SEO or Blog Marketing – get paid fast!
This isn’t some crazy telemarketing job – you never have to talk to anyone earn big!
This isn’t complex and you don’t need special skills- just get it and get paid right away!

The Set And Forget System is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by…

The Set And Forget System is NOT a Scam, It’s very clear and show some proof of the reliability. Check out again at

Most important thing of all, 100% money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with these product.
So trying out the program would be RISK-FREE…

Click Here For More Detail About The Set And Forget System

Related comments of The Set And Forget System:

The Set and Forget System has been designed with 1 purpose – to help ANYONE make the kind of money they need without having to rely on a job that you could lose tomorrow thanks to this terrible economy.

Get The Set And Forget System From This SECRET Link!

Once again, you’re going to see a new Clickbank listed product claiming to show you how to make tens of thousands in 2 months and bring you tons of targeted site traffic. It’s called “The Set and Forget System.”

I hated the sales video so much, I had to buy it and give you a The Set and Forget System Review that shows you exactly what’s inside. Is it good, or is it just bull. Unlike most video reviews, I didn’t make this video to show you a bunch of bonuses if you buy this.

You’ll know what can really be done, and if your dream life begins or not with The Set and Forget System.

Nov 04

Mass Income Machines Review

This Post is about Mike Auton’s Mass Income Machines Review – Click below If You’re looking for:

Download Link Mass Income Machines
Mass Income Machines Massive Bonuses

Mike Auton is a blogger in addition to an Internet marketer and has been on the Web for many years now. Throughout these years, Mike Auton has learnt nearly each aspect of Web advertising and marketing and immediately, he is at a place the place he has an possibility to choose what he works on, when he works and how he works as a result of he will get income from varied completely different on-line resources.

Mike, who has worked on multiple coaching programs so far, has expertise on varied totally different types of affiliate marketing. He builds products on Clickbank, Google AdWords and sometimes on basic cash-making methods. His applications Exhausting Money Hijack, Google Wealth Magnet, and Mass Cash Cowl-up are a few of his best pictures at product creation. These packages not only introduced him good name but in addition introduced some nice moolahs.

Mass Income Machines is a product which allows you to arrange highly worthwhile little websites that can earn money off Clickbank merchandise and also Amazon products. Mike picked up the system from a man he met on vacation who was an extremely profitable web marketer and now he has adopted the system for himself to use with Clickbank & Amazon.Click Here!

Mike is aware of that folks like me and also you don’t wish to mess around constructing websites manually so he had his group of builders program a cool software which can actually construct the websites and deal with all the content material era for you, this way you get a website made for you in actually a few minutes and also you don’t have to fret about something technical!

These websites are highly optimised for serps which implies that they rank actually simply and can make a ton of cash. This is the way that I actaully make numerous my revenue online and it’s the method that I began getting cash, just by building little websites that can generate income from affiliate programs.

If you’re searching for one thing easy that is palms off however actually does what it says then you should look at selecting up Mass Income Machines. This product gives you an multi functional solution to building worthwhile little web sites that may simply generate income… with this method you’ll be able to have a great deal of these little cash makers up and working very quickly and pulling in affiliate commissions.

Like any product regardless of how simple it may be to make cash you’ll want to have step-by-step instructions and solid training to ensure you do every part appropriately proper?

Mass Income Machines gives you everything. The coaching is high quality and literally you can’t go flawed should you follow it. It doesn’t overcomplicate things like some products do but on the similar time it nonetheless gives you all the things you must be successful with this. My grandparents don’t have any clue what internet marketing even is but I am 100% assured I might give them this product and they’d be capable to follow the training simple sufficient, so it truly is simple.

Let me let you know… Clickbank is getting extremely strict on merchandise these days and the very fact that this product was permitted means A LOT. Mass Income Machines is a straight up genuine product which does precisely because it says. It automates the set up of profitable little websites. If you’re seeking to generate income online but nonetheless haven’t made anything then I extremely recommend choosing this up and giving it a strive, it is simple… and it does truly work.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Mass Income Machines, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Mass Income Machines or other products by Mike Auton, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

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Nov 04

Who Is Travis Stephenson?
Travis Stephenson is not yet famous but promising name in the internet marketing world. He is originally a software developer (this supports this product as I guess he developed it himself not outsourced it and this means good support and updates). He started his marketing online business few years ago and he made a big success as an affiliate either alone or in partnership with Jamie Lewis. Actually he partnered with Jamie not only as an affiliate but also to launch their product “Income Entourage” which aimed to give buyers free traffic which was supported with detailed step-by-step videos.
After that, Travis launched “Micro Niche Profit Formula” in cooperation with Mick Moore which was a product to teach marketers how to make money by targeting micro niches. Then he partnered with McCarty to launch their product “Instant Online Paycheck” profit-pulling script that attracts free traffic that aimed to help customers to build their email lists. Now Travis Stephenson is launching alone his newest product Commission Underground, what will he offer?

Commission Underground Review:

As you see from the picture above, the first thing you find is a link to register to a training webinar where Travis teaches members how to use this system which is on the launch day and I guess those who miss it will find it recorded in the members area after it ends.
Now, you must be wondering about the nature of this system, well here’s the truth:
Commission Underground divides into 2 parts, the first of which is a WordPress plugin which upon installation you select the niche you desire to target and the plugin will automatically generate unique content in this niche by gathering free videos and text that are relevant to this niche and mix them to generate a unique page which is fine with the search engines and then this page is posted automatically to your blog. On every page posted there will be a relative Clickbank offer to that niche to monetize your blog and increase your commissions.
The second feature of Commission Underground is a network system that is used to build backlinks to your pages as follows:
You select your target niche and subniche (almost all Clickbank categories are present), then you have the ability to add any number of URLs you need to build backlinks for provided that they are in the same niche you have already chosen, also you have the ability to add your Youtube ID’s if you have Youtube channels that contain videos relevant to the selected niche and you need more exposure for these videos. The URLs or Videos are distributed over a network of sites relevant to the niches you picked which builds powerful backlinks to your pages as you know the best type of backlinks are those obtained from relevant websites.

Disadvantages of Commission Underground:
What I really didn’t like about this product are 2 things:
1- You can’t add your desired keywords that you want to use as anchor text. I guess this is because the system will utilize the metakeywords of the URL you enter as the anchor text and if so, it will be an advantage not a disadvantage specially when you target many URLs (anyway, it’s a good thing to have anchor text variations for your pages as this looks natural to Google).
2- Other thing I didn’t like is in the content adding, you choose categories from main niches. You can’t choose your exact niche or specific keyword e.g. Your category will be women’s issues not yeast infection remedies (You can do that using Autoblog Sniper plugin which launches on 30-9).
Update: Refer to the comments by IM and Ann to know what some members of this product say about it.
Commission Underground is a cool system that you can use to both build unique websites content automatically using Commission Underground WordPress plugin and also get backlinks to any desired URLs in a niche you select from a network of sites in the same niche. If you use this system with proper choice of keywords as your domain names, you can easily rank for these keywords and subsequently make more commissions (the best course I ever seen to target easy to rank for keywords is Google Sniper by George Brown). I like the approach that you can use this system to build backlinks to your other sites from blogs in the same niche which is really priceless as it’s very difficult to obtain these days.
This was a detailed Commission Underground review where I tried to reveal what you will get when you purchase this product and I hope you really find this review helpful.

On this page you’ll find a summary of Commission Underground. It is a quick look on the claims the product owner Travis Stephenson makes about it.Click Here!

Commission Underground

Commission Underground is the latest work by marketer Travis Stephenson.

Looking at the website, we are presented with a long slow-starting video which as starts with a long rant about the creators story and the usual proof and screenshots.

Travis starts out by explaining that his product is all about setting you free from your job and helping you create your own successful business.

Commission underground is a membership type product that is focused on TRAFFIC.

Traffic Traffic Traffic…

We know this is the life and blood of any business, be it online or offline. Basically, you choose a market you want to promote and the commission underground:

Builds the site
Monetizes it and
Promotes it by building links back to your site from social media sites.
You end up leveraging the members of the system by advertising in it for free to generate traffic hence income.

The product’s website has a full demo video you can watch if you are interested in investigating this product.

For now all this looks quite vague and interesting. I’ll be looking deeper into the product and update this overview of the product with my findings.

If you’re already a member of commission underground and will like to share your views of the product, don’t hesitate to use the comments box below.

Have Your Say…

Use the comment field below to share your views on this product and what you think of its’ quality…

Remember, play nice and fair with your comments. Negative user views wont be censored but abusive comments and spam will not even be shown.

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Commission Underground Review
To get my full review of commission underground keep reading below!

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Commission Underground Official Website

Well it's finally here! Commission Underground is finally available to the public for the first time and I am going to give you a full review of how this new push button marketing concept works!

Is it another pushbutton marketing scam that is designed for one thing?...To scam unsuspecting customers out of the hard earned money!

Well the answer to that question is no!

First and foremost if you go to the Commission Underground Official Website you will notice that Travis Stephenson does not try to make you purchase his product before you know exactly what it does.

He gives you a simple solution to use social media and blogs to drive traffic and to your very own blog filled with your affiliate links. The best part is that you can set up the system in 15 minutes or less and it will to continue to build traffic and backlinks to your site without you lifting a finger.

So how is this possible?

Simply put you get a blog on the niche of your choice along with the other members of the site. You then get get ads and backlinks to your site from hundreds of media sites because the program posts these links on these social sites for you.

This benefits you in 2 ways!
You get instant free targeted traffic from these social sites to your site. (Remember your site has your affiliate links on it.
You create authority backlinks from hundreds of social media sites that continue to grow day after day. These backlinks will help improve your search engine ranks which will also help generate long term traffic to your site.
In conlusion Commission Underground is an all in one solution to building money making blogs. It's major benefit is that it allows you to have your own self promoting blogs up in running in a matter of minutes.

You do not have to worry about writing content, generating traffic or even writing your own ads. Commission Underground does all of this work for you!

If you are looking for a magic button solution thing this is not for you..but if you are looking for a easy set and forget system to send traffic to your affiliate links then commission underground is a great product for you.

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Commission Underground Official Website

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