Oct 25

How To Tune Tattoo Machines
Discover How To Best Set Up & Tune
Your Tattoo Machines

At Last How To Discover From One Manual How To Best Set Up & Tune
Your Tattoo Machines…

Covers everything you need to get started the CORRECT WAY
to tattoo machine building and tuning!

From: Tim B. Miller

Re: How To Tune a Tattoo Machine

Dear Tattoo Artist,

Tattooing is coming more and more popular and of course more in demand. So there is a growing trend for tattoo artists.

But it takes know how and practice to be a top notch artist. In this letter you will discover one of those critical elements to make you a confident tattoo artist.

That is knowing how to tune a tattoo machine!

= Are you having troubles setting up your machine?
= Do you know the steps it takes to make your gun run smoothly?
= Do you know the different ways for setting up your tattoo machines?
= Wish you knew more about tattoo gun set up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above then you have found the right site to help you gain the confidents to be a better tattoo artist!

I know what your going through, I’ve been there and had no clue on how to set up my tattoo gun. I was so damn frustrated, it “Drove Me Crazy” But then my luck started to change I found a guy that knew his sh*t. He took me under his wings and showed me all that I needed to know on how to tune tattoo machines.

It was a real eye opener to say the least. Once I got this knowledge down and practice it a bit I was in the groove. My confidence went through the roof and I felt fantastic. You really do need this expertise to be a good tattoo artist and that is why I want to give back to help you. I know how you feel because I was in your situation once but this information has changed all that for me…

And here is what you can expect from this short no fluff, hard hitting, straight forward information guide…

Save time from trial and error

1 Diagram showing all the parts of tattoo machine

Parts and Descriptions for all the parts

3 of the BEST set ups for Liner and Shade/Color

Introducing Knowing and Tuning Tattoo Machines…

Oct 25

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Oct 25

Warning! Secret Report Finally Reveals All!
Tattoo Removal
What They Don’t Want You To Know!


You Are About To Discover 15 Safe, No Nonsense, No B.S. Methods That You Can Use To Remove That Unwanted Tattoo You’ve Regretted For So Long..

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From The Desk Of Allen Pollick
Tattoo Removal Specialist

Dear Friend,

Does this describe you?

You’ve decided to declare your independence and make a statement to the world of who you really are!

You’ve decided to get your first tattoo.

You may be getting the tattoo as a status symbol, a representation of your religious or spiritual devotion, a sexual lure, a pledge of love, a snub to the establishment, a cultural identification, or just for fun.

It doesn’t matter. It’s “body art” that you know you will love until the end of your days.

It has become painfully clear. Your tattoo is no longer what it used to be. It is no longer a mark of beauty, a symbol of undying love, a personal (and permanent) keepsake.

And now, you regret your decision.

Removing Your Tattoo…….

For many years, people who added tattoos to their body had little recourse for getting rid of these works of art. Removal techniques were invasive (requiring surgery) and painful. But there have been a lot of changes in the field of tattoo removal.

And in this Book, “Tattoo Removal Methods and Procedures”, I explain in detail a number of methods and procedures for removing those tattoos that no longer hold the appeal and charm they once did.

PLUS, YOU RECEIVE A “FREE” BONUS UNADVERTISED SECTION! (You will be pleasantly surprised)

Oct 25

Warning! Do Not Even THINK About Getting A Tattoo Until You Read This Page!

“Here’s The Ultimate, ‘Take-You-By-The-Hand’ Guide,

To Making Your Next Tattoo One That You’ll Love Forever

- Even If You Know Nothing About Tattoos For Women.”

….so that you can choose or create your own unique tattoo design,
….that’s perfect for you.

Julie Villani

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Dear friend,

If you’d like to finally choose a gorgeous tattoo design, that is meaningful and suits you perfectly – without worrying about making a mistake, then this might be the most important website you’ll ever read. Please let me explain…

My name is Julie Villani – a self-confessed tattoo enthusiast. What I find so scary is that many young women impulsively go and get their first tattoo, with little or no thought to design, body placement, if the design has meaning / symbology, how it will look in 10, 20 or 50 years, or worse still – they have a boyfriend’s name inked, then the relationship ends at some time. Or they just choose something in a parlor that’s kind of pretty or trendy at the time.

What do you want to see every time you look in the mirror? A gorgeous, meaningful, feminine tattoo that you can’t wait to show off to the world (or just your partner for those more intimate areas)? A stunning tattoo that reminds you of how sexy and unique you are? Artwork that enhances your overall look?

You won’t see that in the mirror if you get inked impulsively!

What’s really scary is that this almost happened to me!!! Read on…

My girlfriend and I saw a tattoo parlor across the road after we’d spent the morning shopping. Just as a joke she said we should go over and get a tattoo each. So we went in, had a bit of a look around, checked out some of the designs, looked at each other awkwardly and quickly got out of there.

Some parlors can be quite intimidating (like this one was).

I felt really uneasy ’cause I wasn’t really sure of the process. Anyway, did I really want my friend’s name marked on my body forever? “No,” is the simple answer.

About a year later we had a major falling out, so I’m very grateful that I didn’t end up with her name forever inked on me, or even that we had matching tattoos.

So I decided that I’d do some research before taking the plunge.

I searched through piles of magazines, researched books and spent hour after hour online, looking for anything that was specific to women getting tattooed. There’s hardly any info specific to women getting inked, so I decided to write this book to make it really easy for myself and other women.

It took me a long time to put together all the information in this e-book – I even set up a website to ask what women what they want to know about getting a tattoo. Then I got to work researching all the questions, so I know it will help you choose a great piece of body art that is perfect for you, that you will always love.

I’d hate for you to make an impulsive choice that you could regret very quickly – even as soon as you see it on your skin.

Oct 25

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