Oct 29

Free TV Elite ™ 2.1

Now offering 2000 TV Stations!

Are you still paying over $1000 per year for your Cable
or Satellite bills?

Would you like to Get over 2000 TV stations directly to your PC, using only your Internet connection, for a small one time fee?

Well that’s exactly what you can get with Free TV Elite ™ 2.1Click Here!

About Free TV Elite ™ 2.1:

Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 is a software program that has been developed using 100% Legal Microsoft ™, Adobe ™, and Apple ™ components which decode Internet TV and Radio transmissions known as RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), into a high quality TV broadcast.

With Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 you will:

Stop wasting your money on cable and Satellite subscriptions and hardware.

stop paying monthly recurring charges for what you can get for FREE after paying just a small one time fee.

Get immediate access to thousands of WorldWide TV channels.

Don’t pass out on this opportunity as it is only available as a limited time offer.

All you pay is a one time small fee for the software.
You will not have to pay another cent for TV pleasure, EVER again.

Thousands of people have already discovered this secret, now it is also available to you.

Here’s what Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 offers you:

Guranteed100% LEGAL Software.
Simple and attractive User Interface.
Full-Screen viewing option.
Immediate Premier access to over 2000 TV stations directly to your PC.
Premier software and channel updates, FREE.
Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 can be used Worldwide, in any country.
Your PC or Laptop is all the hardware that you will ever need.
Use it at home or when you travel. All you need is your computer and an Internet connection.
Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 is compatible with all versions of Windows
Free TV Elite ™ 2.1 will Turn your PC into the entertainment center that it can truly be.
No monthly or recurring fees and NO hidden charges.
No Cable or Satellite Boxes and No satellite Dishes are needed.Click Here!

Oct 29

Why pay the exhorbitant fees that cable or satellite companies charge? Why pay a monthly fee at all?
Are you tired of paying for cable or satellite channels that don’t have what you want to watch? Are you sick of having to get an upgrade in your package just to watch one program? Now, you can have it ALL with OmniPCTV! Prepare to fully immerse yourself in entertainment!

NO Hardware to Install
NO Monthly Fees
NO Bandwidth Limits
NO Satellite Dish or Receiver
Access to Over 3500 Channels
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Automatic Channel Updates

Download Now!


“Many thanks, money wisely spent. thanks to the software my husband and I cancelled our expensive TV satellite service.” Frances R. Texas, USA

“Wide range of stations as well as simple to operate. The product was in fact exactly as described. Amazing!” Sylvia D. London, UK

“Awesome products! My cable TV service barely provided a third of your channels. I’m surprised by your huge variety of channels.” Maria P. Dortmund, Germany

“Nowadays your software operates the same as our old cable device, but quite a bit cheaper. We simply connected our computer to the big flat screen in our living room. Thanks!” Ray and Laura D. New York, USA

Unlimited Access is Just 3 Steps Away
OmniPCTV’s software is easy to download and install. Get ready to be entertained by more channels than those offered by cable and satellite together!

OmniPCTV software affords you access to over 3500 channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why miss your favorite program while you’re away on business? You can still watch it. Anytime. Anywhere. OmniPCTV goes with you!
You will have access to movies, TV shows, entertainment channels, sports, business news, children’s shows and much more…

You will have no hardware to install, no monthly fees, no bandwidth limits, no satellite dish or receiver and no other equipment. OmniPCTV only requires a download! That’s it! A computer and an internet connection are all you must have! We can show you how to connect your computer to your TV so that the whole family can watch too!Click Here!

Oct 29

No Monthly Fees

No Contracts

No Hardware

Instant On-Demand


Watch more than regular TV.

“Very cool. I was watching live TV

within 5 minutes of downloading the software”

Jeffrey P – Steamboat Springs, COClick Here!

Oct 29

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Oct 29


Never pay a monthly subscription
again for your cable or Sat TV

Over 4,000 channels

Perfect Viewing 24/7

Unlimited Access

Full Length Movies & Live Sports Events

No Hardware to Install

Cheapest on the net by far: Only $27.97