Oct 26

Finally, a Quick and Easy, All in One, Resource on What to Wear and Where to Shop for 1940’s Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories that Fit and Flatter Your Body Perfectly!

The 1940′s Style Guide: The Complete Illustrated Guide to 1940′s Fashion for Women will save you hours of time and hassle searching for information and retailers online. With over 55 jam packed pages of style history, 130 images, and 160 shopping links you won’t have to waste another minute figuring out what to wear to the next WWII USO party, Swing Dance or Vintage Fashion event!
I just finished reading your book and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! I had no idea that so many beautiful images and great information could fit within 55 pages. The 1940′s Style Guide is a fantastic resource for students, designers and admirers of vintage fashions. It’s packed with valuable information as well as multiple images of 1940′s fashions on each page.” – Brittany Sherman, vavoomvintage.blogspot.com

Do you want to dress in 1940s’ style clothing?
The good news is there are a lot of vintage thrift stores, new clothing manufactures, and pattern makers that specialize in selling 1940′s fashions. Shopping choices are more plentiful than ever. HOWEVER that doesn’t make it easy. Despite ALL the great options you can spend days, weeks, and months searching for accurate information and products. The web contains a lot of useful information but it’s poorly organized and too vague to be of any real help.Click Here!

In this ebook you will lean:
All about 40’s fashion history- understanding why certain events (like WWII) influenced fashion design .Without knowing the history, you may think some of the fashions or reasons for wearing certain clothing seem weird. Once you understand why you’ll be a lot more excited to wear shoulder pads or a girdle!

Every section has detailed descriptions of each item of clothing from hats on down to shoes. Each description will tell you about the colors, materials, trim and accessories that made each item distinctive to the 40’s. PLUS over 130 photographs and illustrations of 1940’s clothing and accessories complement each item. You will see real dresses, jewelry, purses, hats, swimsuits and more from vintage photographs, color photographs, sewing patterns and graphic illustrations. You won’t be scratching your head wondering what a “shirtwaist dress” looks like- it is illustrated right along with the text.
Here is what the 1940’ Style Guide fashion chapters include:

Women’s Suits
Play Clothes
Work Clothes- Factory “Rosie’s,” Military service women and office workers
Evening Wear
Clothes for Teens
Clothes for Zoot Suit Rebels
Shoes – Vintage, reproduction or modern shoes
Men’s Clothing

Modern 1940’s Inspired Clothing
Wow. What a list! No topic has been left out. It would take you 10 books or 100 websites to find all of these items discussed. That makes this the most complete reference book on the market.Click Here!


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