Oct 25

Sick of scanning the web for poor quality blurry tattoo designs?…

“NOW You Too Can Download An Elite Portfolio Of Over 14,735 Hot ‘n’ Sexy Tattoos Designs That Have Been CLOSELY Guarded By Top Membership Sites…”
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Are you tired of scanning through 100s of Tattoo websites with poor quality pictures and trying to find the perfect tattoo for yourself only to find that you’re still lost and undecided?…

What’s worse is being so excited about getting a tattoo that you flick through the parlor’s binder of designs and get inked without putting more thought into it. Worse still, is disliking your tattoo and having to pay a fortune to have it laser removed!

Well what if now you could sit down, relax and take your time over the designs that you really want, see what it really means and says about you, save yourself hours of mouse-clicking disappointment and gain access to over 10,000 stylish tattoos directly to your pc!

TattooFever™ aims to provide you with just that solution!

No more searching through Google for images.. no more been pressurized at the parlor to hurry you up and make a decision, and no more dissapointments. TattooFever™ is one of the very few gems

What Our Members Say…

“..You get SO much!” “You get so much! My neighbour has just started tattooing so I’ve bought it for him. I get all my tattoos off him so theres quite a few to look at. I like the idea of having an after-care file to look at. Usually you just get a few flashes for the same price, so you have quite a good assortment and lots of information.. Thanks so much!”
- Jools, UK

These are larger prints than the designs that you would most commonly find on free sites – which makes it easier for your tattoo artist to duplicate and apply on you.

Better still, we’ve put all the best designs together into one enormous package which would cost you a heck of a lot more if bought individually! Below is a detailed overview of whats available.


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