Oct 24

“Take the work out of figure drawing…”
“Do you struggle with figure drawing?
At Last … Learn The Proven
Secrets on How to Draw People and Faces and Stop Drawing the Hard Way!!!”

Learn in 3 simple steps to easily do pencil drawings of the human figure, whether beginner or advanced. Get experienced advice from classically trained industry professionals on how to draw clothes, hair, faces, eyes, mouths, hands… and See your art develop just like the masters.

From: Todd Harris
Re: Figure Drawing Help
Dear Artist,

If you are like most passionate artists, you are struggling to learn the human form and how to draw people. You know that it is a difficult, time consuming and sometimes tedious task.

You also realize the importance of mastering this technique. That is because you realize that the human form is the most critical of all elements to master.

Realizing that proportions and anatomy work to help you instantly draw masterful faces, hands, feet, hair, and how to help you draw clothes on people. How to draw clothes and how to draw clothes and folds in them can be very difficult. You need an understanding of the human figure in order to know how clothes will fall on the body.

Knowing proportions and realizing the ability to make your art alive is all important.

Whether you have taken anatomy classes or art supplemental courses or no courses at all, you may be frustrated with the study of the human form or disappointed in what was offered.

You want to easily and skillfully accomplish:

Knowing how to draw hair and have it look like realistic hair.
How to draw clothes and have it look like they naturally fit on the body.
How to draw a face and have it look like the person you are actually drawing with a likeness that brings your drawing alive.
Knowing how to draw the right proportions when drawing the human figure.
Knowing simple formulas that can help you with your block-in and lay-in to help you get realistic looking figures.
Knowing how to draw a face as easy as drawing a circle. You may think this is impossible.
How to draw the contour and getting a likeness to your model.
Knowing how to draw the human figure without a model in front of you and you may mistakenly think it can’t be done.
Though, this is true, it is that desire in us to be the best artist ever that drives you to further study and dedication to drawing people.

You also realize that with these skills, you can have a winning career in art. You can show your art to friends and family without being embarassed that you added an extra mole on aunt Winifred. Whether you want to be an accomplished artist, portrait artist, video game artist, film artist, or a commissioned artist, you need to know how to draw the human form.


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