Oct 24

‘How to Make a Living as an Artist’

Colin Ruffell FRSA

a guide to survival and success.or

How YOU can make YOUR living as an artist or even better

How to enjoy a very good living as a successful artist

The information in this book applies to all artists whether you are trained or self taught.

Are you undecided about your career prospects in art?
Should you try a course at an art college?
Should you expect to make a living as an artist?
Maybe you want to give up your safe boring humdrum job, escape from the rat race, and enjoy an exciting creative free lifestyle as a real artist painting and selling your own art.

You have been told that it is impossible to make a living as an artist, but it is not!

It is already being done. I have been doing it for many years, and so have my inner circle of friends and colleagues. We share our secrets here with you in ‘How to make a living as an artist’.


You could be a full time professional artist, like me with forty years in my studio, and still going strong!
You could be published worldwide.
You could have regular exhibitions of your work in many countries on five continents.
You could have international sales of your work grossing about half a million dollars a year.
You could be your own boss, as an artist, and enjoy the good life.
Like me.
Does that sound attractive? It is not easy. We made many mistakes on the way up. ‘How to make a living as an artist’ will explain the common pitfalls, and how you can overcome or avoid them. We will share the route from survival to success with you in this book.

This book will walk you through the process step by step, chapter by chapter. You will be able to skip from subject to subject in any order.

But the life of an artist is not just a wonderful way of making money and kicking goodbye to the wage slavery of working for someone else. There are several other benefits when you become a full time professional artist.


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