Oct 24

How To Draw 200 Animals

Beginners Book on How To Draw Animals with our complete step by step lessons……..

Not only will you discover exactly how to draw over 200 animals, you’ll be suprised to discover that each animal only takes 6 steps and less than 15 minutes to master.

Angel Fish; Angler Fish; Ant; Anteater; Armadillo; Baboon; Bat; Bear; Beaver; Bee; Bison; Blue Whale; Budgie; Buffalo; Butterfly; Camel; Cat; Chameleon; Cheetah; Chicken; Chimpanzee; Cobra; Cow; Crab; Crocodile; Cuttlefish; Dog; Dolphin; Donkey Dragonfly; Duck; Eagle; EEL; Elephant; Fish; Flamingo; Frog; Giraffe; Goat; Goose; Gorilla; Grasshopper; Hammerhead Shark; Hedgehog; Hippopotamus; Horse; House Fly; Humming Bird; Humpback Whale; Jellyfish; Kangaroo; Killer Whale; Kingfisher; Kiwi; Koala; Komodo Dragon; Ladybug; Lemur Lion; Lobster; Manta Ray; Mole; Monkey; Moose; Mountain Goat; Mouse; Octopus; Orang-Utan; Ostrich; Otter; Owl; Panda; Panther; Parrot; Peacock; Pelican; Penguin; Pig; Piranha; Polar Bear; Porcupine; Puffin; Rabbit; Raccoon; Rat; Rhino; Scorpion Seal; Shark; Sheep; Shrimp; Skunk; Sloth; Snail; Snake; Sperm Whale; Spider; Squid; Squirrel; Stag Beetle; Starfish; Stingray; Stork; Swan; Tiger; Toad; Tortoise; Toucan; Turtle; Vulture; Walrus; Warthog; Wolf; Woodpecker; Worm; Zebra

Our Testimonials!!

I use this whole series in my Art Class to Elementary children. They love this extra activity. It builds their confidence that they can draw identifible things. They even take multiple instructions and create a whole picture.

These books on how to draw are very easy for kids and beginning artists to follow.

This is a fun drawing guide for kids (and adults, too) that shows, step-by-step, how to make simple, stylized outline drawings of 101 animals, everything from armadillos to zebras. It has kept the preschooler and teenager in our household entertained for hours — and it’s the first place I look if I want to figure out how to make a simple line drawing of a horse or panda bear.

This is an excellent book for the beginning artist or any artist wanting to improve their skills. The animal anatomy is superb. The cost of the book is also a plus. I got alot more than I paid for, especially with the bonus books!

This is a really exceptional fundamental book which includes the whole range of animals in a really simple and easy to comprehend format.

“I’ve been looking for a way to get my kids interested in drawing, I ordered the books (200 Animals, Farm Animals and Forest Animals) and pretended like I bought them for myself, my 6 year old son saw me drawing and asked what I was doing “oh, just learning to draw a Shark” he called up his older brother and they asked me if they could try, “sure” they took the book and spent hours drawing that day.”

“…… this book can be the beginning of a great relationship between your child and his pencil doodles. “

” My 6yr old loves to draw but wanted lessons. This was the next best thing, easy to follow steps and now she is happy to draw. There are more animals then I have seen in other how to draw books. “


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