Oct 29

Is it your dream to act in TV or the movies?
FREE Acting Career Videos Hosted By Professional Actor David Patrick Green

I’m David Patrick Green and you’ve seen me on CSI, ER, Smallville, Battlestar Galactica and many other TV shows, movies and commercials.

My goal in life is to help as many people as I can have professional acting careers. If you want to be an actor, watch these free videos where I talk about all the things it takes to become a professional actor… and it wont cost you a thing.Click Here!

Let’s get started… Enter your first name and email address to the right and that’s ALL it takes to get inside today… no waiting. Just look to your right and enter free.

Here is what you’ll discover inside (remember, all of this is 100% FREE):

Instant access to a series training videos where you’ll learn all my tricks for accelerating your acting career and booking roles quicker than you ever thought possible.
Learn EXACTLY what casting directors, agents, & all of Hollywood is looking for in you (and how to best prepare for auditions to give them what they must have).
The 4 Hollywood Success Secrets. Follow these 4 rules & you’ll be booking roles in no time. Mess these up, and you’ll be the next Hollywood sob-story.

To your acting career success!


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