Oct 30

“Wow! What an incredibly comprehensive book.

Very impressive.”

— Lise Dominique

Never Memorize Scripts Again!


Drastically reduce preparation time for any audition or job?

Become more marketable as an actor?

Be qualified for and get better paying jobs?

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The Complete

Ear Prompter Book

Everything you every wanted to know about using this device to get more work and make more money!

With proper training and a little practice, it’s easy for anyone to learn.

What Valuable Information is Revealed in The Complete Ear Prompter Book?

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: What’s So Great About The Ear Prompter?

All the reasons you should learn to effectively use the ear prompter

Chapter Two: How Do I Get Started?

Effective strategies for getting started with the ear prompter

Chapter Three: When Can I Use The Ear Prompter?

Acting situations that are ideal for using the ear prompter

Chapter Four: Components Of The System

All the equipment that you’ll need to become an ear prompter pro

Chapter Five: Techniques That Work

Step by step instructions on how to effectively use the ear prompter

Chapter Six: Auditioning With The Ear Prompter

How to best use the ear prompter for auditions

Chapter Seven: Preparing For A Job

What to do after you book an ear prompter job

Chapter Eight: Presentation On Camera

Here’s what to do when you are performing your presentation on the job

Chapter Nine: Live Presentations

How to give live presentations using the ear prompter

Chapter Ten: Dialogue and Co-Hosting

How to use the ear prompter when working with other actors

Chapter Eleven: Best Ways To Practice

Proven practice techniques that work

Chapter Twelve: Solving Problems

What to do when the unexpected happens

Chapter Thirteen: Resources For Equipment and Training

The best sources for equipment and the best ear prompter teachers in the business

There’s Never Been A Book Like This!

The best advice from the best in the business.

When you’re learning something new it’s always a good idea to get advice from an expert. Well, what if you could get advice from 23 of the best ear prompter talent and teachers in the business?

This book gives you that and more!

A total of over 250 combined years of ear prompter experience has come together to tell you everything you need to know to get started with and become proficient with the ear prompter.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

1#How 23 of the top ear prompter performers and teachers got started using the ear prompter.

2#18 profitable reasons you should learn to use the ear prompter.

3#Every type of acting job that is perfect for the ear prompter and how the ear prompter can make you better at each one of them.

4#The components of the ear prompter system and how they work.

5#Where to buy ear prompter equipment.

6#The most effective technique to use the ear prompter in any acting situation without anyone knowing you’re using it.

7#How to set yourself apart from the competition in any audition.

8#How to prepare for a job if you’ll be using an ear prompter.

9#How to use the ear prompter for dialogue and co-hosting jobs.

10#The most effective proven ways to practice the ear prompter for best results in the least amount of time.

11#How to avoid any possible problems that could arise when using the ear prompter.

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