Oct 24

How to Paint on Fabrics to Create Amazing Designer Wear

If you Want to Know

How To Paint Fabrics with Texture

To Create Amazing Designs

You’re at The Right Place!

Whether you are a painter artist or a non-artist you can learn how to paint fabrics with texture in a matter of hours. It’s quite simple and you will be painting top quality designs in days with my simple fabric painting techniques. I demonstrate step-by-step showing you how to create designs by using my simple, easy to apply painting techniques.

There’s no fluff, no drama and no hype.

Hello Friend,

I’m Teri Bethel, Textile Artist and Instructor & Designer of Teri Monique Handbags and I’d love to share my fabric painting secrets with you.

Now you can benefit from my 20+ years of fabric painting experience by watching my easy painting tutorial online from the comfort of your home.

No painting experience? No problem! Here’s what some students had to say:

One of the great benefits is that you can access your painting tutorial 24/7 at your convenience.

Join Me…I’ll Teach you How to Paint

Boutique Quality Fabrics with Texture with Ease!

It’s Really It’s Simple and Lots of Fun Too.


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