Oct 23

You would like your pictures look so real that you touch Den Ganas and excel the rest?

Many times a picture is worth a 1000 words …

Cordoba: Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dear Friend, Colleague or Future Artist

In my workshop I welcome you and thank you for visiting this Site!

Nacho Quiroga

(Argentine artist and author of “Painting with Oil As”)

It is very common, when we see with oil paintings realize when done by a professional artist or an amateur, right?


It shows in the hardness of the image, its Prospects, Lights, Shadows, Full, Balance and many other “little things” that are not taken into account but make the “Big Difference”

My intention in writing this book, is providing technical support and Fundamentals in the Art of Painting, both those who are starting and those who already have knowledge.

Let them know these “small details” that enrich the works and other aspects that make it stand out from the rest and look so fine that even feel like Touching …

Imagine for a moment that paint becomes something that’ll flow from the inside, I had fun and really excited …

… Not to be thinking in theory and painting techniques …

Simply capture on canvas Power your feelings and experiences …


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