Oct 24

How Often Do You Wonder…
“Will I Ever Make a Living With My Art?”

“This Affordable Course Gives You All the Tools
You Need to Immediately Start Making
Good Money Selling Your Artwork,
No Matter What Type of Artist You Are”

Take a Moment to
Read This Letter…
Let Me Prove How Easy It Can Be For You to Start Selling Your Art or Craftwork Right Now!

First of all… Who am I?
And why should you listen to me?

My name is Steve Popkin and I’m a glass artist. I have been working with glass for many years. More than likely you’ve never heard of me nor seen any of my work and that’s OK. Probably much like you, I have always loved creating art. My dream as a child was to create great new “masterpieces” in drawings, paintings, jewelry, photography, clay, etc.

Well I don’t think my work will ever end up in any museums nor in any history books :) But…none-the-less, the artist in me still exists and yearns to create.

Today, I consider my art to be above average, some even consider it to be pretty good, but I know there are lots of glass artists better than I am. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to make a living with their art no matter how beautiful it is. I happen to make good money selling my work…not because I’m the greatest glass artist that ever lived nor because I enjoy “selling”…

It’s because I learned the secrets on how to make my art Desirable and Profitable…


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