Oct 26

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo soon, then you need to read this entire letter…
“Avoid a painful tattoo mistake and grab
instant access to over 300 of the hottest,
Sexiest, badass tattoos around… and walk
out of the parlor knowing your ink rocks!”

If you’re looking for tattoo ideas then you’ve come to the right place mister.

You’re probably browsing around the good ole Interweb looking for tattoo designs, right?

Well, if so, then boy or boy do I have something special for you! So pay attention, (especially if you’re thinking about getting your 1st tattoo) and read this entire page. Cause I’m going to show you how to get the perfect tattoo…

Before I tell you exactly how to get a super-duper brand-spanking new tattoo, let me give you a piece of oh-somewhat-critical advice…

The Most Important Words On This Page!
Grasshopper! Read the following paragraph carefully! Do it!

You need to know the skill level of the artist that you’ll be working with BEFORE you get inked! And I mean you REALLY need to know how good (or bad) the artist you’re hiring actually is!
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Not exactly the earth-shattering advice you were expecting? It is!

Check this out..

Clinton Sanders, a tattooed professor at the University of Connecticut, has studied body alteration practices and tattooing extensively…

He states that 22% of those who are tattooed regret the technical quality of their ink. Which means they picked a poor artist. Don’t let this happen to you!

Ask your dumbass friends if they know of a reputable artist. Ask to see their portfolio. Look for pictures of highly detailed and razor sharp tattoos. Don‚Äôt settle for mediocre results. Don’t! You’ll regret it if you don’t!

My point is, be careful about selecting an artist. Make sure they are good. You only have one shot at getting it right, so do some research first.

But the secret to a great tattoo goes beyond the artist…

How To Avoid A Permanent Mistake
(Or How To Avoid Mom Saying: “I Told You So”)
So you may be excited at the thought of a hot new tattoo that will get all kinds of silly attention from the opposite sex. Or, perhaps you’re already inked and are simply looking for new tattoo ideas (lucky you!).

But, Grasshopper, just imagine this for a second…

You rush to the parlor, endure the needle, and in the end have transformed your body into a work of art. But waaaaaaiit!

What if you didn’t pick the right tattoo? Good heavens!

You don’t want to fork over your hard earned cash to the laser surgeon do you?

So how do you find the right tattoo?

How To Pick The Right Tattoo
The next step to getting a sweet tattoo is to select the right tattoo design, the very first time (because you don’t really have a second chance).

You want a tattoo design that…

Suits your personality and reflects who you are…
Doesn’t make you look like an idiot.
Is well balanced on your body (not in an awkward place).
So how do you select the perfect design?

Get ready, here’s the big payoff!

The secret is to browse through a lot of tattoo ideas before you settle on one. Crazy, I know. Simply walking into a parlor and choosing a design off the wall isn’t the best way to go about it kiddo!

Ideally, you want to choose your tattoo design BEFORE you walk into the tattoo studio. Don’t just walk in and pick it off the wall silly…

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Oct 25

Black & Grey wash shading guide

The Secrets of Making Awesome
Black & Grey Wash Tattoos…

What Everybody Ought To KNOW…About TATTOO SHADING…

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Learned It…
I’ve Been Meaning To!” “Well NOW Is The Time”

From: Timothy B. Miller Home Free Tattoo
Dear Aspiring Tattoo Artist,

Are you learning how to become a tattoo artist? Do you know everything that is needed to get up and running with your tattooing? Do you want to be an tattoo artist so bad you can taste it? Tattoos are in big demand at this time and only growing bigger with popularity. Discover how to move up in ranks with Black and Grey Wash tattooing.
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Knowing The Grey Wash Technique Can Make YOU A Lot More Money!

Discover insider tips it takes to know how to perform this in demand style. For instance how to do proper shading, ink mixing, what kind of needles you should use and much more. This one of a kind guide is an interview with a top professional tattoo artist that reveals some of the most common questions asked from aspiring tattoo artists.

With this guide you’ll discover how…

Common questions about tattooing shading.
Gives you the confidence for giving this style a try.
Make a name for yourself in your area.
Give you chance to do what you love to do.
To make good money, having this style down is in high demand.
Being happier in your life and content with being a tattoo artist.

As I said many of your most pressing questions will be answered in this powerful guide. But here’s the most important part! You will learn from a professional tattoo artist that has over 12 years of experience. What you are about to discover will seriously turbo-charge your knowledge and get those ideas flowing and more importantly, you’ll be able to fill in ALL the blanks and start tattooing shading, with complete ease.
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Oct 25

Increible Coleccion Tiene a Todos Los Fanaticos de Los Tatuajes GRITANDO…”La Mas Grande Coleccion de Tatuajes Nunca Antes Vista!”
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Oct 25

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The Most Important, Up-to-Date, Must-Read Tattoo Guide Ever
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Body Art, Integrate Spirituality Into Your Tattoo Process, and Positively Transform Your Life. Available Now!

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How would you like to know how to create the perfect tattoo for your body that will turn heads, support your spiritual awakening, and fulfill your deepest drive for self-expression? How important is it to you to empower yourself, grow spiritually, and consecrate your body as a temple? Do you want to ensure you get value for your money and avoid painful and expensive laser removal processes? If you can use benefits like these and others, this might be the most important information you will ever read. Let me share more….Click Here!

Spiritual Skin is a ground-breaking book that bridges the physical and the spiritual through a unique and enlightening exploration of tattoos. It will show you how to create the life you choose as you embark on your most powerfully transformative tattoos ever. Spiritual Skin guides you to discover your authentic self through the world of tattoos by uncovering their rich evolutionary history and deeper symbolism, and by revealing a perspective on fears and accepted beliefs that challenges you to look further than skin deep.

Too good to be true? Don’t worry: it’s all there and more. I’ve gone through my own personal journey with sacred tattoos over the last 13 years, including over 100 hours of tattoo work and life changing experiences, and many further hours of research into ancient healing arts and practices. As a Reiki Master Teacher, visionary artist, tattoo designer, and intuitive healer, I have devoted my life to supporting integrative, healing experiences. This journey has led me to uncover how the potent symbolism in sacred art like tattooing can access and support emotional and spiritual healing. The more I experienced the effects of this life-changing information, the more I saw the valuable gifts it held. And now you can benefit from all of my research and life experiences. Spiritual Skin brings years of discovery and experience to your finger tips.

“A recent study found that more than one-third of Americans age 18 to 29, and one-quarter of those between 18 and 50, have at least one tattoo!”.

“A survey of tattoo artists found that one-third of those getting tattoos chose designs that reflected their spiritual or religious beliefs.”

“When you empower yourself and get a tattoo, people will know you are running your own life, instead of listening to them!”

You will receive practical guidelines to help you with every aspect of your tattoo decision, including symbolism, timing, safety, ink, and artist choices. You will discover how spiritual tattoos are fast becoming one of the most sought-after choices, and how tattooing is growing in significance and influence. What you learn can be applied to all areas of your life in profoundly empowering ways, which is why the process and decisions are so important and why this book is a must-read.

You will learn to integrate physical and spiritual for personal awakening.
You will discover techniques to evaluate tattoo designs for compatibility with, and support for, your body and spiritual energy.

You will deepen your connection to this sacred art, to yourself, and to a sacred way of connective life experience.

You will gain provocative insight, rich history, and practical guidelines on tattoos and every aspect of your tattoo process.
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Oct 25

If you have been searching the net for that perfect tattoo for any period of time you know how tough it can be. You spend hours upon hours browsing the net only to find yourself ending up on one lousy website after another.

UniqueTattooFlash is the largest online database of high-quality tattoo designs that’s hard to find elsewhere. In our database you’ll find over 3,500 tattoo designs divided into over 40 categories – making it easy for you to finally find that dream tattoo.

In our constantly growing database of quality tattoo designs you’ll find armband tattoos, butterfly tattoos, cartoon tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Chinese tattoos, devil tattoos, dragon tattoos, cross tattoos, tribal tattoos, eagle tattoos and many more!

We guarantee that you’ll find more printable tattoo designs in our database than any tattoo parlor.

Begin your search by typing in your favorite tattoo type in the field above and hit the “Search Tattoo Designs” button and you’ll soon be on your way to finding your dream tattoo.