Oct 26

To guys who want hot women to finally notice them:

“Be The Handsome Stud
That Gets The Beautiful Woman – NOW”

Dear friend,
Let me tell you an amazing (true) story that happened to me in my last year of college… I was with a friend one night at a bar. This guy was smoking hot (you know, the supermodel type). I’m nowhere near him when it comes to good looks…

We were talking about our usual stuff when I noticed this drop dead gorgeous woman a few feet away checking us out. It was so obvious she was looking our way that I knew something was going to happen.

The moment my friend went to the bathroom, she hurried over, took his seat and told me:
„I like what you’re wearing… I love men who wear scarves. I’m Angelica.” Click Here!

One thing led to another and, sure enough, after a few minutes, she took out a pen and scribbled down her phone number. Then she literally grabbed my scarf with one hand, squeezed the napkin in my pocket with the other… then rushed back to her seat.

Are all of the sudden
women starting to approach men?

It took me just a few minutes of *normal conversation* to have the number of the hottest girl in the bar… without even asking! (And this wasn’t the first time this happened to me.)

I’m sure that by now you’re wondering: what made that girl act the way she did? Why would a woman who gets approached by hundreds of men, just hand out her number to a complete stranger? (Especially an average looking one such as myself)

Here’s the big secret: the way you look

Women are hardwired to look for wealth and mate with men that have it. In their lizard brains, they are the breeders. They need “resources” and stick around men who have them. (That’s how the evolutionist theory goes.)

They’re consciously and unconsciously looking for guys who meet their deepest desires. And there’s nothing you can do about it..

But what you CAN do is change the way you dress and have her think you’re a very rich AND generous person…

Don’t go out on another date,
don’t go to another interview,
don’t even go out
until you read the rest of this page!

By far, the fastest and easiest way of conveying that you’re worthy of sex is through your clothes. Clothes communicate social status, self-confidence and wealth.

Are you with me? The better you dress, the more powerful your signals will be.

Now I did’t came to this conclusion on my own. I read dozens of articles, studies, I watched every TV show I could find, that discussed the appearance issue.Click Here!

Oct 26

Welcome global Fashion Entrepreneurs

Begrüßen Sie Modeunternehmer
Accueillez la Mode les Entrepreneurs

Benvenuto imprenditori

Dê as boas-vindas a Empresários de Moda

Dé la bienvenida a Empresarios de Moda

To success in the real fashion business. There could be many a reason why you have landed here and why you are reading this, I won’t presume to know them, all I ask is that you take just 5 minutes to read this homepage, it will either be just what you have been looking for or it won’t. Either way, it will take just 5 minutes and 5 mins in this fast paced, exciting business can be the difference between success or failure.

Endorsed by emerging designers, brands, students & entrepreneurs worldwide.

“An amazing body of work from an industry professional. Full of explanations, working examples, relevant fashion buyer and press contacts and insider tips, this is fast becoming an underground fashion bible used by emerging designers, brands and labels worlwide”Click Here!

Jason Harls – Project NY.

“Successful people do the things un-successful people don’t want to do”

This site is dedicated to the business of fashion. It addresses and solves the many everyday issues & challenges faced by emerging designers, brands & fashion entrepreneurs.

** Now includes my 250 premier store & Department store menswear buyer database, updated 400 store womenswear Department store & boutique database as well as 400 Top end PR/Magazine International and UK fashion Editors & Assistant Eds!.**Click Here!

Oct 26


1920′s Flapper Dress Pattern
plus 4 Free Bonuses

One Hour Dress Made in 34 Minutes!

When announcement was first made in 1923 that Mary Brooks Picken of the Woman’s Institute had developed a new plan by which an attractive dress could be made in an hour, it aroused tremendous interest among women everywhere. Some doubted that such an achievement was possible, until the dress was made in a public demonstration in the Grand Central Palace, New York, in 34 minutes, a fact recorded in the New York newspapers and attested to by officials of the National Merchandise Fair.

At left – Mary Brooks Picken wearing a One Hour Dress, sketched by the Woman’s Institute Fashion Artist, Alice Seipp.

Excerpt from “The One Hour Dress”

“A smart, up-to-the-minute dress cut out, completely made, all ready to put on within an hour! You may receive a “phone call at one o’clock inviting you to a little impromptu gathering of friends at three, and you can go, if you wish, wearing a dainty new frock make in the time you would ordinarily spend wondering what to wear. Such is the delight you can find in making your own clothes now that it is easily possible to make an attractive, becoming dress in an hour. Click Here!

And you can have as many “One Hour Dresses” as your heart desires — in infinite variety, for the “One Hour Dress” is not a style of dress, it is a method of making. It is a new and simple plan by which the dress you select from the many designs in this book can actually be cut out, put together, finished all complete in sixty minutes. And you can create other “One Hour Dresses” for yourself, because different combinations of colors and materials, different finishes and touches of decoration will enable you to have just the dress that appeals to your taste and have it quickly and at little cost.”

The simple dressmaking system developed by Mary Picken is just as relevant today as it was in 1924. Whether you are trying to create a 1920′s dress, sew a flapper dress costume, learn dressmaking, looking for inspiration, or a fashion student – you will get something from this book. Note: This System bypasses the pattern stage, but you can use it to make patterns.Click Here!

Oct 26

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Oct 26

Don’t know what to say to girls?

Learn How To Seduce Women Without Using Words
I’ll teach you, step by step, how to create a style for yourself that is irresistible to women…

Recently, I went out with some friends to the local club. On the way there, I was stopped on the street by a cute girl who complimented me on my jacket and my unique sense of style.

Once we hit the club, I could literally feel the eyes of all the people in the venue turn to me the moment I stepped in. Over the course of the night, I was approached by no less than a half-dozen girls who stopped me to compliment me on my style and accessories.

One girl in particular, a cute blonde (I have a soft spot for blondes), hit it off with me really well after she complimented me about my favorite necklace that I had on, and I shared a personal story about why it was special to me.

We ended up making out on the dance floor that night, and she ended up coming home with me after the club closed.

Now, I’m a pretty regular guy. I have average looks, am not particularly athletic, and I don’t have a lot of money.

So the question is: How did I do it? What did I say to her?

Or perhaps the better question is: What was it about my style that attracted her to me in the first place?

How To Develop An Attractive Style
I didn’t always enjoy the success with women that I do now.

For most of my life, through high school and even into college, I had no clue when it came to style or how to make myself attractive to women.Click Here!

I went from not knowing how to approach girls, to having girls approach me.Once I was out of school, I decided that I needed to figure this out, that this was an area of my life that I needed to get handled.

I went on a personal mission, spending years reading and learning everything I could about style and fashion, and went from not knowing how to approach girls, to having girls approach me.

At the time that I was learning this stuff, I didn’t have any mentors and didn’t even know where to begin learning about style, so it took me a long time.

Learning about style doesn’t have to be that hard.

To save you the time and effort that it took me to learn about style, I’ve written an ebook called “Seduce With Style“:

“Seduce With Style” is a compilation of everything that I’ve learned about style over the years. In the book, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of developing your style, so that you can start seeing results in weeks, instead of months and years. I will teach you all my secrets to getting women instantly attracted to you.

The SECRET To Seductive Style That Most Guys Don’t KnowClick Here!