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Is it possible to watch TV on your PC? If you asked this question a few decades ago, then you might have answered no. Today, it is quite possible to watch direct satellite TV on PC. There are lots of software available that will allow you to watch satellite TV channels on your PC but there are still lots of people who ask if this new kind of technology is indeed a good choice.

The first thing that people ask about direct satellite TV on PC is its cost. Surprisingly, this option costs far lesser than what you have needed to pay for your monthly cable or satellite TV subscription. A PC satellite TV software can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 – and you no longer have to worry about recurring fees for most PC satellite TV software providers. Too good to be true but this is pretty real.

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The next thing you might be thinking is the difficulty of installing such software. Since it is a computer program, you need not worry about setting up a satellite dish high on the roof or some other place where it can freely point to the sky. You simply need to run the PC satellite TV software and you are already free to tune in to several satellite TV channels.

And you need not worry about having to watch local TV channels only. PC satellite TV computer programs can give you access to free to air satellite transmitted channels from the world over. This simply means you have a good range of choices when it comes to TV shows that you wish to watch.

So if you are still wondering if direct satellite TV on PC is a good choice, you just need to remember that the aforementioned factors are only some of its many benefits. Gone are the days when you need to spend so much for quality TV shows.

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You don’t need a satellite dish, receiver or any other equipment to use our software. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Simply download our software and you are ready to enjoy over 3,500 channels worldwide.

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Oct 27

“How To Build Your Fashion Design

Portfolio Quickly and Professionally,

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Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard my story about being a Published Author, Successful Illustrator and University Commercial Drawing Teacher.

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I’m going to show you 7 easy steps to get you started with learning how to transform your sketches into professional fashion illustrations.

Plus I’ll send you some fashion templates and a few extras to inspire and help you get started.

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Jenni Onn has helped hundreds of student designers achieve success in their chosen fields. As a Published Author contracted to write a 5 part book series teaching drawing and illustration, as well as being a University Commercial Drawing Teacher, Jenni has a proven track record in maximising your talents and sharing techniques that really work.Click Here!

Oct 27

Written By: Janice

A Parents’ Guide

• Real information from me, a real model’s mom!
• Find out how to make your child the Next Top Model!
• At age 16, my daughter was making $150,000 a year modeling only part time!
• Learn the steps to your child’s success.

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Discover How To Break Into The Celebrity World Of High Fashion Modeling!
Written by Super Momager Janice Celeste, mother of top international Supermodel Sessilee Lopez!

Kick-start your child’s modeling career and get advice from a mom who has done it! This essential step-by-step guide will show you how!

Sessilee at age 14.

My daughter Sessilee started modeling locally when she was just 12 years old and her first job was with VOGUE! She’s been on Oprah, in Kanye West’s music video, “Flashing Lights.” She’s a regular on the red carpet with celebrities such as Ciara, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rachel Zoe, Amerie, Russell Simons, P Diddy, JayZ and when she turned 18 she became a Victoria’s Secret model!

Sessilee at age 18 in her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — As Seen On TV!
My book, Making A Supermodel will show you how to connect with a legitimate modeling agency that can do the same for you and save you a lot of time!

As a parent, we want to help our children to be successful and give them all of the tools they need to have a productive and lucrative career but sometimes you just don’t know where to begin. Making A Supermodel will show you where to start to get a head start on others who don’t have the knowledge contained in this book. This isn’t any ordinary modeling book — it’s by a parent who first hand managed her daughter to the top of the modeling charts and she’s still on top today!

• Does everyone keep asking you if your child is a model?
• Do you dream of seeing your child on billboards, in magazines and on television?
• Is failure not an option?

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How to become a fashion designer and create your own clothing line, working at home.

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Do you ever feel saddened because you so want to become a fashion designer and create your own fashion design business but, it all seems ‘pie in the sky’?

When you’re working, either in your office, a shop, around the house or even just out walking – do you often wish you knew how to get started? But, you fear that you wouldn’t be able to do it because you’ve no confidence in being successful, due to your lack of skills or many other reasons.

(That’s exactly what it was like for me! I knew absolutely nada about the fashion business but I loved the designs I saw in the magazines and on TV. In fact, I used to watch all the fashion shows and I knew that I could do what other fashion designers did, if only I knew how! Where was this fashion info?)Click Here!

Oct 27

Fashion-era contains 840 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History. Sitemap

Ebook Undergarments in Costume History $9.95
Ebook Fashion Drawing Female Figure Templates $9.95
Ebook Vintage Clothes $15
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What is Fashion? An explanation of Fashion History and Dress Theories. Laver’s Law Timeline. Modern Fashion Technology Forum

Fashion Tutorials Fashion design body silhouette outlines. Tips fashion drawings. Free fashion templates. Fashion Template ebook Latest Galleries. Fashion Design Journal Fashion Sketch GalleriesClick Here!

Fashion Trends AW11/12. Fashion Trends Summer 2011 Key AW10 LooksSS10 Autumn 2009/10 Looks 2009 Spring 2009 Fall 2008 Looks Spring 08 Looks Colours Fall 2007 Trends Fashion Jewellery Spring Trends 07 Sp/Sum 2006 Fall Winter 2006 2005 Bags

Latest Sections Christmas 1920s 50s Pattern Draft Skirt Hats Dating Old Photos Vintage Hair Coats Cloaks Costume History Free Costume Silhouettes Fashion Plates Old Wedding Photos Children Fabrics Egyptians 1066-1830.

Body Adornment Historical development of ‘The body beautiful’, Jewellery, Perfumes, Cosmetics and the acceptance of Make up and surgery.

Undergarments Ebook $9.95 Costume History of early corsetry, C18th Paniers, Victorian Crinolines, Bustles, Corsets, Stays, S-bends, C20th Bra History Girdles

1800-1845 Costume French influence on costume and fashion history. Regency and Romantic costume history. Regency England Taste Social History.

The Victorians 1837-1901, Fashion, Costume History, Social history. The Seaside, swimwear, leisure. Woman’s place, Aesthetics and Rational Dress. Mourning.Click Here!