Oct 30

“Film School is a SCAM!!!! Everything I learned in Film School can be learned right here…”
I was once an aspiring filmmaker just like you. My parents paid thousands of dollars to send me to film school. About halfway through, I came to a realization…

Everything I REALLY needed to know was covered in the first week of Film School…everything else was just a waste of time. All these Film Schools and Expensive Training Courses are just fluff, dependant upon the fact that you think Filmmaking is hard and costs Millions of dollars.

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You don’t need to waste years of your life learning how to make movies…everything you need to know can be learned from just a few books. I have compiled that info, along with the essential forms, contracts, and software that you need…and it is all in the
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Everything important I learned, I put right in this book.

This is my first book, where I layed out all the important stuff that I learned in film school. This is a perfect primer for anyone that wants to know the down and dirty basics of making their very own films. And…the truth is, you can do it on little, or even NO MONEY!

I will guide you all the way from the script to editing, and teach you some amazing time and money saving secrets along the way. If you are serious about making your own movies…you can’t afford to NOT have this information! Click Here!

Oct 29

How do I watchWith Satellite PC TV Service ?

Satellite TV for PC Service software technology taps into more than 5,000 TV channels from all over the world. Streaming TV signals right over the Internet. Now you can enjoy more TV channels than satellite or cable TV has to offer. No Monthly Fees! No Contacts! No Annoying Satellite TV Or Cable Company!

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Easy to use. Sign-up process is fast. No credit checks. Just point click and start enjoying!

100% Legal – This software is not illegal in any way. All data is streamed using signal agreements with channel operators.

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Oct 29

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Oct 29

Stop Paying Cable TV Bills Now!

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One in every eight people in America is cutting their cable cord in favor of internet based television in 2011. Currently SatelliteTune™ is the best available internet TV software. It features full episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels, full length movies and videos.


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Oct 29

Satellite TV for your PC!Why pay over €80 a month for Cable or Satellite TV?

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