Oct 23

Attention all aspiring manga artists!…

You’re about to discover how to draw any manga character you want, AND make him or her come to life through the use of their facial expressions, body movement, eyes, hands, hair, clothing, and more!

From Studio of:

Malcolm Matheson,



Dear Friend,

Do you have problems making your Manga characters behave exactly the way you want them to?

With the right expression in their eyes, the positioning and movement of the hands, the way their hair and clothing sits…

Would you love to be able to draw your Manga characters in an unlimited number of positions easily, without losing the identity of the character?

…maybe you are really frustrated because no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to draw limb and hand movements so that they look naturally…

Do you wish that you could control the exact facial expressions, body movements, and emotions for your Manga characters with absolute ease?

If so then you are not alone, a huge number of people share the same difficulties when drawing Manga.

The great news for you is that I have utilized my years of Manga drawing and teaching experience and formulated a concise and very easy to follow ‘how to draw Manga’ book called ‘Mad About Manga’.

This book is available right here for instant download (which means you can be reading it within 5 minutes from now) and is designed to help you overcome many common Manga drawing challenges and teach you exactly how to create seriously impressive Manga art, no matter what your level of experience!

Inside ‘Mad About Manga’, you’ll learn how to Draw Amazingly Impressive Manga Characters and Artwork
The reason a lot of people struggle with their Manga artwork is because they have not learned ‘HOW’ Manga is drawn and instead have resorted to just replicating other peoples work.

Sure by doing this you may be able to copy someone else’s creation, but why not learn how to create your own Manga characters and even produce a 10 panel Manga script?

Oct 23

REVEALED: Insider Secrets of a Professional Automotive Designer

“How To Draw Amazing Cars … In Less Than
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Discover how the pros draw perfect cars each and every time they put pen to paper.
“The Detailed Information In Your Program Has Brought Me From One Dimensional Art To 3D In A Short Amount Of Time”

“…I just wanted to say thanks. The attachment will explain it all. I know that this drawing isn’t that great but it is the best freehand piece that I have ever done. Without your program I would have never been able to do this. The detailed information in your program How To Draw Cars has brought me from one dimensional art to 3D in a short amount of time. How To Draw Cars is a great program for people who are serious about improving their art potential.”

- David Howard, Virginia, USA

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Oct 23

Would you love to learn how to sketch…
in a fun way…

as quickly as possible?

Now you can learn how to sketch using the accumulated knowledge of the world!

Introducing the complete

How To Sketch guide!

Hello my artistic friend,

… I’m Kerry Godsall.

Are you searching for the perfect book that teaches you to sketch? If you are frustrated by books bogged down in too much theory, then this book could be your answer!

I enjoy studying old art books written long ago. After years of research, I felt that I must share all this valuable information with you because it really is the legacy left to us by past artists.

It’s All In One Book…
Essential instructions have been gathered together and condensed into one easily accessible version – saving you hours of trawling through numerous books! This book has everything you need to learn the basics of drawing and sketching.

…and it’s here now!
You will discover great tips that have been forgotten over the years. I also show you which methods helped me to learn sketching and to quickly improve along the way.

Imagine yourself admiring a view and then being able to simulate it on paper with just a few strokes in a few minutes!

Well, guess what? …It is now quite possible for you to be one of those clever people who can jot down an instant visually!

All of us have the potential to
be able to draw or sketch and that potential
is accessible at any age!

Oct 23

ATTENTION:Artist… Learn To Draw People Like A Master Now!

“Discover The Fastest Possible Way To Bring Your Drawings
To Life Adn Achieve A Level Of Realism — That Only A Few
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If You Are Serious About Becoming A Better Artist, Then I Strongly Recommend This Course.

Hi Taylor

Thanks so much for the support and inspiration you have given me. I have only been drawing for a couple of months now and know I have a long way to go. But this course has clearly shown me the techniques and skills that I need to practise to become the artist I want to be.

As I have heard you say before, you can never become a better artist without practising, but this course has shown me how to practise. So take my advice if you are serious about becoming a better artist, then I strongly recommend this course.

Thanks again

Amanda White – Brisbane, Australia

Oct 23

“The 6 step system that will have you creating beautiful drawings, even if right now, you can’t draw a stick figure!”
“Improves your Paintings Dramatically.”
“Draw cartoons like an Expert.”

Plus get 12 months of Drawing Lessons from a Professional Illustrator!
As a professional illustrator and teacher, I was hired by a university to rescue two classes of Graphic Design students who were due to complete their diplomas, but they could not draw well.

Using the proven step by step workshops I had written and trialed over many years I took these students from rough amateurs to skilled practitioners of technical and commercial drawing.

They passed their exams and earned their qualifications.

Now these workshop manuals are available online.