Oct 24

Painting Lessons Online
Andre Grobler is a worldwide acclaimed professional artist and art teacher for the past 43 years and has produced over 20,000 paintings during his career. His trademark is the unique use of color and his broad impressionistic style. Now retired, Andre reveals ALL his best kept secrets which will guarantee your success in mastering the art of painting with oils.

With the help of technology Andre is now able to bring his lessons to you. You can now download 14 of his 27 “Painting my Way” DVD series at a fraction of the cost by simply clicking on the lesson of your choice and making payment via the secure Click Bank website. This guarantees you instant access at your own convenience.

Save years of trial and error!

Learn how to paint in Oils step by step. Andre takes you through every step from canvas preparation, color mixing, brush techniques, painting knife application, composition and most importantly tone intensity. Create your own master piece. There is no better way to learn a new drawing or painting technique than through the medium of video.

A professional artist observes relationships – the relationships of color, value, tone, shape and texture. Once you know how to see these relationships more clearly your painting technique and skill will literally advance to the next level. Look and Learn how a professional understands and uses these relationships to create paintings that SELL.

Let the Master show you how to paint like a Professional.

Andre’s Secrets: (Free)
Download a free copy of Andre’s oil painting secrets. In this copy Andre summarizes the most important issues about oil painting from color, tonal values to composition. He also shows how to copy a photo onto canvas, create texture on paintings and a few golden Studio Rules for your wall.

Oct 24

“How to Draw Manga!”

…Now, You Can Impress Your Friends & Family With Your New Artistic Talents In Drawing Manga the Right Way…

Impress your friends and draw incredible manga and anime characters that look completely authentic. No more “beginners mistakes” and no more trial and error! This is a fast, easy way to learn how to do it right!

RE: Your Awesome Anime Drawings

From: Paola B. of MangaExpert.com

Dear Future Manga Artist,

Manga and anime-style drawing are among the most popular styles among artists today.

Characters from television shows, movies, and of course manga are all extremely popular. Plus the style itself is incredible.

There’s no other style of art that is this popular with so many people right now.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the trickiest styles to master…

Despite looking simple, actually drawing manga properly can be difficult, and most new artists give up before they’ve ever really started.

Whether it’s problems with perspective, getting the lines right, or just the overall composition of the piece, mango-style drawings take a certain level of skill and know-how to perfect.

Just “copying” doesn’t work out so well either…

You might learn how to draw one or two characters really well, but you won’t be able to have a range of drawings and you’ll probably only be able to get one or two poses right at best.

You might think that expensive computer software is the answer, but it isn’t.

Even if you get one of those “specialty” programs specifically designed for manga style drawings, you still may have difficulty getting it to work.

And suppose you master the program, but one of your friends wants you to draw them an anime character on a piece of paper?

If you don’t learn how to do it yourself, you’re sunk.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of computer software can easily cost hundreds of dollars if not more.

Oct 24

Hi, Ethan Smith here and I have a special GIFT for you. I have put together a 20-page report called the Ultimate Figure Drawing Cheat Sheet.

Inside this special report, I’ll:

Unveil the secret shortcuts to keeping your figures in proportion every time…
Let you in on the subtle differences between male female figures, that most artists don’t even know about!
Share the simple, yet ingenious method for creating any pose you can think of…
And much more!

Oct 24

Learning to Draw Caricatures
Has Never Been Easier
(Even If You are a Complete Beginner)

You know, I think I’m a lot like you…

I was in the same place you are not too long ago. I enjoyed drawing a lot, but what I really wanted was to feel the satisfaction of being a good artist. I wanted to feel proud to have my friends and family marvel at my drawings.

I dreamed of one day being good enough that people would pay me to do what I love. I wanted to be able to talk with and meet other successful artists around the world. And lastly, the rebel in me wanted to show everyone that ever said anything negative about my art that you can make a wildly successful career as an artist.

Every Successful Artist Begins Somewhere…

Unfortunately, even with all those aspirations, I grew up in a tiny Canadian farming village of just 643 people where the school was naturally very small and there wasn’t even a formal art class! But, I didn’t let that stop me from drawing because I enjoyed it so much. When I was younger I was not the best artist in my class – not even close! I was jealous of the “natural talent” that some other kids seemed to have.

I kept practicing, but life as a young artist without a good teacher can be a bit rough and I’ve had more than a few people say discouraging things about my drawings throughout the years. I once even had a nasty bully smash all of my art supplies while I was sick in bed and absent from school.

So not only was I born without with this “God-given artistic ability” (which is a myth and I will show you why later), but my school didn’t even offer an art class – talk about discouraging!

Finding the Teacher

Despite the fact that the art world seemed to be against me at every turn, I eventually met a teacher from another town who taught at a different school and was offering evening art classes.

At one point in the class she asked us to draw a face. She wasn’t very impressed with my drawing, but like any good teacher, she pointed me in the right direction and sent me home that night with a book about human proportions.

Almost overnight my drawings went from amateur to pretty amazing after I applied the lessons in the book. I’m not trying to exaggerate here – the difference of the before and after drawings were really that amazing.

That was the day I realized that being a “naturally gifted artist” was nothing more than a myth! It was then that I realized that literally anyone can learn how to draw if they’re given a formula and shown how to apply it properly.

Oct 24

‘How to Make a Living as an Artist’

Colin Ruffell FRSA

a guide to survival and success.or

How YOU can make YOUR living as an artist or even better

How to enjoy a very good living as a successful artist

The information in this book applies to all artists whether you are trained or self taught.

Are you undecided about your career prospects in art?
Should you try a course at an art college?
Should you expect to make a living as an artist?
Maybe you want to give up your safe boring humdrum job, escape from the rat race, and enjoy an exciting creative free lifestyle as a real artist painting and selling your own art.

You have been told that it is impossible to make a living as an artist, but it is not!

It is already being done. I have been doing it for many years, and so have my inner circle of friends and colleagues. We share our secrets here with you in ‘How to make a living as an artist’.


You could be a full time professional artist, like me with forty years in my studio, and still going strong!
You could be published worldwide.
You could have regular exhibitions of your work in many countries on five continents.
You could have international sales of your work grossing about half a million dollars a year.
You could be your own boss, as an artist, and enjoy the good life.
Like me.
Does that sound attractive? It is not easy. We made many mistakes on the way up. ‘How to make a living as an artist’ will explain the common pitfalls, and how you can overcome or avoid them. We will share the route from survival to success with you in this book.

This book will walk you through the process step by step, chapter by chapter. You will be able to skip from subject to subject in any order.

But the life of an artist is not just a wonderful way of making money and kicking goodbye to the wage slavery of working for someone else. There are several other benefits when you become a full time professional artist.