Oct 24

“Master the Art of Making Jewelry shows you how you make quick and easy,
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Jewelry From Mr. Y

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This business is one of the most lucrative and prestigious existence, so we need a very creative mind and a strong knowledge base for this industry.

So if you’re serious about succeeding in business or just want to have fun and explore your creative side, then this book is for you!

Oct 24

“Who Else Wants To Learn How To Draw Cartoons And Make A Great Second Income??”

From: Johnny Bombardieri

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Oct 24

“You’re About To Watch A Video About Oil Painting That Most People Will Never See…

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Oct 24

How to draw graffiti

Guide for Beginners

If you wish to get full information about graffiti technique, to learn what you need for drawing graffiti and to get a practical guide, then my book is for you.

How to draw graffiti. Guide for Beginners will provide you with the following information:

which tools and accessories you need;
advantages and disadvantages of different paints, underpainting supplies, solvents, markers;
how to draw a sketch;
how to make a stencil;
how to choose surface for drawing;
how to prepare the surface before work – degreasing, underpainting;
description of the painting techniques stages;
modern trends and styles of graffiti;
tricks to solve common problems;
links to the best galleries of artworks, graffiti portals and sites-sources of useful information

How to draw graffiti. Guide for Beginners contains concise information gathered directly from graffiti writers, many books, magazines, forums and blogs. No “milk-and-water”, just the point! The guide contains only practical and useful information.

Oct 24

Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time And I’ll Show You How To Master The Ancient Art Of Origami!
How To Make Origami® will drastically improve your origami skills! If it doesn’t I’ll personally send you $20.00 just for trying it!

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