Oct 26

WARNING: Our Online Breakdance Video Guide Will Transform You Into A Top Well Respected Breakdancing Performist!

“Who Else Wants to Learn How
to Breakdance Like Professional
B-Boys In The Hiphop Culture?
From Top-Rocks to Hand Hops!”

That’s right – You can start to learn RIGHT NOW how to breakdance like an official break boy using our IDIOT PROOF SYSTEM, step by step instructions, tutorials, and video guides!

Here’s just a small taste of the breakdancing moves you’ll learn inside the
Learn-2-Breakdance system:

Power Moves
Indian Step
The Worm AKA The Body Wave
Coffee Grinders
Plus TONS of other moves!
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Oct 26

Aprende todos los Secretos para dominar los mejores pasos de Salsa,
el ritmo, llevar a la pareja, los agarres sensuales y mantener la elegancia.
Y asi convertirte en un experto bailarin de Salsa!!!


LLena el formulario para que recibas totalmente GRATIS, la serie de Videos que forman este Curso, de una de las variantes más populares de la Salsa, la “Salsa Casino”. Mira los videos, ponlos en practica y disfruta de este hermoso Ritmo… Escriba “solo” su nombre:
Email “principal” aquí:

“Asegúrese que escribio bien su Email”*Respetamos su privacidad. Detestamos el spam y le prometemos jamás compartir, rentar o vender su información. Al darnos su email quedará suscrito y podrá cancelar su suscripción en cualquier momento.Cerrar Ventana
“Aprende exactamente como Bailar Salsa y convertirte en un experto Bailarín en muy poco tiempo, de una forma facil y entretenida”"Imagínate llegar a una fiesta y al empezar a bailar y todo el mundo te queda mirando por los excelente bailarín que eres, por los movimientos elegantes y bien sincronizados que realizas, ¿Té gustaría?…”
Para Bailar la salsa solo se necesita ganas de aprende,
Simpre he dicho: “No es que la gente no puedan bailar salsa o hayan nacido con 2 pies izquierdos, lo que hay es una mente bloqueada” y aquí nos encargaremos de desbloquear esa mente”

“Aprende a Bailar Salsa ya!!!”
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De: Henry Herrera

Hola Mi nombre es Henry Herrera y mi vida es la Salsa, Soy instructor de Salsa desde hace mas de 10 años y hoy vengo a ofrecerte este curso único de Salsa, creado por mí y mis alumnos, que NO lo encontraras en ningún otro lado.

En este curso te enseño los que he aprendido en estos 10 años de experiencia, desde los movimientos Básicos para bailar salsa, como llevar y cambiar el ritmo, llevar a la pareja, los agarres sensuales y mantener la elegancia y todos los principios para convertirte en un experto bailarín de salsa en el menor tiempo posibles y de una manera muy entretenida.
Esto no es un par de videos similares a los que encuentras en Youtube o Mercado Libre, donde te enseñan unos cuantos pasos y ya, este es un CURSO COMPLETO PARA CONVERTIRTE EN UN EXPERTO BAILARIN DE SALSA, 100% GARANTIZADO.
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Oct 26

“Announcing the Fully Illustrated Pole Position Guide. Your complete easy to read A-Z of Pole Dancing moves that’ll make you master of the Pole!”

Finally, take it with you anywhere learning for your pole! This highly instructive yet entertaining ebook will have you gripped to your pole for hours on end. Dazzle your friends and hubby, with my latest ebook “Pole Position – The A-Z of Pole Moves “. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting this ebook together and know you will too. Here’s to a sexier, more confident and more feminine you!
Natasha Williams

Dear Pole Enthusiast,

Are you falling over or in love with your pole? Do you struggle to put together even the most basic pole moves? Would you like to be the star of your household or even your city and show everyone what you really can do with your pole? Or are you an already experienced pole dancer who would like to “pull a few more tricks” ?
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I run Pole Dancing studios all over the country and have often been asked for an all-in-one “at-home” learning solution for experienced and would be Pole Dancers. Well this is the result of my efforts.

With my exciting new guide to Pole Positions you’ll be able to:

Confidently go through 85 step-by-step Pole Dancing moves and learn them at your own pace even if you’ve never touched a pole before.

Progress at a faster pace than you ever thought possible!

Not only learn the moves but learn the BEST way to do them.

Get the BEST possible results with your pole.

Help you avoid learning incorrectly and thereby hurting yourself.

Give you ideas to move sensually and what to do with your head and hands.

All the moves are arranged into their respective difficulty levels, so you’ll know whether to tackle EASY, HARD or DIFFICULT.
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Oct 26

“Discover How To Give a Lap Dance
With Total Confidence!”
…and become your man’s ultimate fantasy!
Listen to what one customer has to say about
her NEW confidence & relationship…

Dear Friend,

There’s no doubt about it — if you’re looking to turn your man on, re-ignite the passion in your relationship and be the only woman he fantasizes about — surprising him with a lapdance is a sure way to make it happen.

And in a moment I’m going to share with you the best way I’ve found to master the art of seductive lap dancing so you can give your man the hottest sexual experience of his life (even if you think you’re “too old” or that you don’t have the “perfect” body)…

But first I’d like to let you in on a little secret about what your man really wants in a woman when it comes to sex and why knowing this secret is so important to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship for the long term.
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What Men Really Want…

As a guy I can tell you first-hand that there’s nothing that turns a man on more than being sexually teased and seduced by a woman who loves sex as much (or more) than we do; a woman who’s sexually confident, and gets turned on by turning on her man.

It’s most men’s ultimate fantasy to be with a lady in public and a totally confident seductress — a true sex Goddess — in the bedroom. And when we finally find her, believe me, we will do ANYTHING to keep this woman.

In fact, I’ve known men who’ve stayed in relationships that are otherwise TERRIBLE, just because their lover knew how to turn them on and keep their sex life interesting.

After all, let’s face it, most relationships quickly become BORING sexually.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but men are truly driven in large part by our sexual desires; it’s in our physiology. And if it isn’t you who fulfills those desires for your man, I’m sad to tell you it WILL be someone else who will.

Now that doesn’t mean he’ll cheat on you or leave you for another woman. Instead he may just fantasize about other women: the gals at the strip club, the women in porn, the women at the office, the bartender at the local pub.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn to be the only woman your man thinks about — the only woman he fantasizes about.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “But I don’t have the body of a playboy bunny” or “I’m not as young as I once was”. The truth is, it doesn’t matter.

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, If You Don’t Have The Perfect Body, Or If You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before
None of that matters! You can still learn how to perform a sexy, seductive and completely confident lapdance that will turn your man on so much that he’ll be begging to have his way with you.

You can learn how to be your man’s sex Goddess!

I’ve talked with tons of men who all say the exact same thing. When a woman walks into a room with total confidence; when she really knows how to carry herself and how to move, she can be absolutely dead sexy — even if she’s overweight or isn’t naturally gorgeous in the conventional sense.

The problem is, nobody was born knowing all the right moves, steps, poses and routines that turn men into a giant puddle of sexually-frustrated mush during a lapdance. Like anything else, it is a skill that must be learned.
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Oct 26

This Course Will Teach You To Dance Like A Star!!

Learn To Dance The Cha Cha

Louis is known for his celebrity dance instruction, and even HE claims that most celebrities LOVE the cha cha. It’s fun, it works your body well, and is easy to learn for anyone! Grab your partner, and CHA CHA your way to a healthier body.

Learn To Dance FoxTrot

FoxTrot is FOXY! Learn this dance, and you can easily incorporate it into any of the other popular dances. What’s better is your love life will also have a new sparkle as you and your partner learn to trot to perfection.

The Jive

Do you know how to Jive? This is a fast-paced, very exciting dance to learn! You get to let loose and release all that stress and tension with your partner! Easy to learn and will be a great cardio workout!

The Rhumba

The Rhumba is a very sexy dance and a great waist trimmer! Lose inches on your hips too! This video takes you through all the sexy steps with Louis and Irina, leading the way. Passion is back, and your about to find it again!

Learn To Dance Salsa!

Salsa is seductive and you’ll be dancing closer to your partner than you ever imagined! Want your partner to remember why they fell in love, learn the Salsa with a mixture of creative footsteps and easy moves! Watch out, this dance screams SEXY!

The Samba

Samba is a great dance to learn if you are going away on vacation soon. This video will have the crowd circling you as you strut your stuff and make your partner look great in the process. The Samba is an amazing energy builder too.

Learn To Dance Tango

The Tango will give you reason to get off your chair and experience the sexy, seductive moves of this breathtaking dance! Easy to learn, this tango will give you a reason to smile. Others will step aside, to watch you dance this special dance on the dance floor!

Learn To Dance The Waltz

The Waltz is a softer and more structured dance, it allows room for creativity and will have you gazing into your partners eyes a lot. It’s sexy, sensual, and also makes you trim your thighs/hips and overall energy your body produces.
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So YOU Want To Learn How To Dance?!

Don’t worry, even I use to suck at dancing, until I had some inspiration to actually learn the steps. The truth is, it LOOKS hard, but it’s actually quite easy once we get those basics out of the way. This course was designed to teach you both the basics and some intermediate-advanced ballroom steps to turn YOU into a dance floor machine in no time! I’ve enjoyed teaching dance for many years now, from celebrities to small sized pro classes, they all have the same reaction to my course:

Makes You Trim Your Body

Beat Your Fear Of Dancing! Injects Romance Into Your Life
Learn Real Steps In 20 Minutes!

Learn About Posture, Expression “Worth Every Penny!”
Guaranteed to laugh A Lot!

Confidently Dance Anywhere! “Now WE LOVE Dancing!”

Verified Testimonials

“I LOVE my “Let’s Dance with Louis” DVD set. I found Louis’ teaching style to make learning so effortless, even my husband can do this with two left feet! Bonus – Just learning the Jive alone, I am getting my waist back again! You can’t beat a deal like that: Easy learning curve & Returning body curves!” – Bunny Dunn Salt Lake City, Utah “I loved this system so much, that I am buying it for all of my children- they are all grown and married and I can’t imagine a better gift. Every marriage needs a little spice! And it can get everyone in shape!”- Tami H. Riverside, California
“My husband and I are not what I consider dancers! We are actually learning to dance for the first time in our lives… and we laugh the whole time we are learning! Now, we are excited to go hit the dance floors together and try out all of our new moves!”
- Kristy and Scot R. Hawaii
“We have been watching the show for a couple of years and I am excited to learn this with my girlfriend. I am surprising her for Christmas – I wanted to give her something romantic and she will love this! – Bryce B. Utah

Today’s Bonus

The bonus audio I’m giving you today was custom made for this collection, and comes with every single order free of charge! These are in .mp3 format, you can burn them to CD to practice anywhere. The more you practice (though it’s like riding a bike, once you got it, you don’t forget), the more you will experience all of the reactions listed above. Yes, it’s true – you can lose weight, put a spark back into your romance, gain confidence, stay healthy and be an overall happier person with the great power of dancing!

To take advantage of today’s special launch combo offers, please choose your favorite package below. If you’re not sure which one to pick, grab them all and become a ballroom pro at any dance or function you ever attend!
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